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    Hey all,

    Wow its been a while since i was on here and i couldnt actually find what i wanted haha. But now i have found you!

    I was diagnosed with PCOS about 2 years ago which wasnt suprising as my mum has it and i displayed many of the symptoms. As a young teenager until about the age of 15 i have severe cramps that would leave me bed ridden for days. I am now 22 and although i often just have dull aching over the last few years my periods have started to form large and rather gross clots which last upto 3 days. I am a very private person and havent mentioned this to anyone, not even a doctor incase of needing any kind of examination which makes me incredibly uncomfortable and anxious just to think about.

    It this a common thing to happen with a period or is it part of the PCOS or is it berhaps a symptom of undiagnosed Endo. I always thought endo was excruciating pain.. but i havent had that for years.. at the worst it would get to a 6/10 but ive learnt to combat it with neurofen, walking and complaining haha. I would like to know as it is rather uncomfortable and would be incredibly glad if it stopped.

    Does anyone else suffer or have surrered something like this and can give me a heads up?

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    I have PCOS but not endo and I have had big clots in the past. A bit TMI I know but they were so big I could feel them coming out! It was disgusting. I think I had them though because my periods were so irregular. So it was perhaps a build up of months of lining. I would still check with your doctor though.

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