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Thread: PCOS Support

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    Default PCOS & Endometriosis


    Can anyone help me with this.

    I have been diagnosed with PCOS & endometriosis.
    I didnt get any AF for 4 months and saw a Gynaec, My endometrial was getting thick so he gave me Primolut N and I got AF. I have pain on the lower part of abdomen , so went to see the Gyneac again, he said, I have endometrosis and suggested Laproscopy. I have heard the risk associated with this too.
    Can someone please advise.I am 26 yrs old and we were planning for baby.

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    This is my first day on Belly Belly so please be gentle!

    I was diagnosed with PCOS about 7 yrs ago (just after I got married) and was told that i needed to try have babies before the age of 27. I think I was just too young and because it wasnt affecting me at the time, I didnt really take notice. However, I'm now 29, and we have been trying for about 2 yrs, but clearly with no luck. I have been seeing a specialist for the last few years and she is great - we started with the tracking, moved onto Metformin (no joy) and are now at the Clomid (accompanied by Ovidrel) stage of things. I've had my 2nd clomid cycle but I did a preg test yesterday n got a big fat negative


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    Hello Im new to this all

    I am recently diagonosed with PCOS last friday and have been on metformin for a month as i hadnt had a period for 3 months and the doctor put me on metformin to get things going before i had the ultrasound to diagnose me. I got my period 2 weeks after having the metformin, just wondering how long once commencing metformin before you start to ovulate? Roughly? I know everyone is different.

    I got pregnant last year in june after my wedding but sadly was told at our 9 week ultrasound after some spotting that our baby had died. Then after the d and c i was told it was a partial molar pregnancy, 22 weeks of blood tests my levels were normal and 3 months later we were able to try again. Thats when the difficulty started and i was diagnosed with PCOS as i wasnt regular. I was told losing weight would help but i am not huge, i put on 4.7kg since last june and he said that was enough to trigger my PCOS, its so had just to loose that little bit.

    So im looking for support and some information from you guys who are going through it or been through it

    Thanks Tegan

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    Hi to everyone who has written in the last few months (if you still read this thread!)

    I have had PCOS for a while now and am just starting with clomid. Or rather will be soon. I am currently on the pill to bring on AF.

    If anyone is still checking this and would like to get the thread going, I'm happy to chat!

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    Default Dont give up girls !

    Hi Ladies,
    This is just a little hope for all us girls with PCOS as I too have PCOS and have been TTC for 10months. I was diagnosed 3 months ago with PCOS and stated my first cycle of 50mg Clomid last cycle. I too was on the pill for almost 14yrs and once I came off the pill had a few AF then they stopped soI had to take Provera to bring on AF as I hadnt seen her in 5 months before I could start Clomid. Along with taking clomid I went on a LOW GI diet to help control my PCOS and exercised which helped me loose 5kg. I wasnt extremely overweight but they say just a small amount of weight loss helps restore good ovulation. I thought all was lost this cycle when my DAY 21 progesterone test came back 3.3 which indicated I didnt ovulate, however I started to get symtoms of ovulation prior to and on DAY 23 (cramping & EWCM) so I actually ovulated late on Clomid which happens a fair bit apparently. I got another test done on day 31 (10 days after original) and the result was great 69.9 ! I am now on day 37 and did a HPT yesterday along with a BT and got a on both tests. Dont give up hope girls !

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    Default Another PCOS member here

    Hi All,

    Just wanted to intro myself...
    My AF has always been irregular and never thought too much of it. AF comes once every couple of months.

    In 2007, DH and I decided to TTC.

    I then started having really bad pain on my left ovaries and had an U/S to reveal that I had PCOS. I also had a gestational sac which could have been either a baby (if there was a heart beat present in 6wks time) or a cyst.

    Anyway, it turned out to be a baby! DD is currently 14mths.

    So yes, there is hope girls =)


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    Hi Everyone!
    I also have PCOS... I have all the classic sympotoms. Just wanted to pop my head in and say there IS hope. I had to loose weight and follow low GI diet and exercise. It took me almost 12months (watching cycles, taking tests etc) to fall pregnant with each of my children but I had just had my 3rd baby boy! I really think it was the weightloss that did it each time though. After I lost about 4kgs each time I fell pg within a few months.
    Anyway wishing you all luck!!!

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    Default help

    Hey I'm about to start clomid at 100mg as 50mg didnt work the last two months can anyone tell me the best time to start it(night or day) and any side effects, I had nothing on 50mg the last two months. I have pcos and trying to concieve for the last 18months. I have a struggle with weight how do i get it off it keeps coming back.

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    Mandii03, I did not take clomid - I was on metformin. There are many threads on BellyBelly about clomid though - if you do a search you will find lots of information and many members you have used clomid and are aware of the side effects etc.

    All the best with your TTC journey.

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    Default Polycystic Ovaries and Really wanting a baby

    Hi All,

    I am a 28 year old who has been diagnosed with PCOS.

    I was diagnosed two years ago and have been TTC for 12 months naturally.

    I have lost 9 kilos in an attempt to give the ovaries a boost and have had AF three times since losing the weight (about 40 days apart).

    I was thinking a trying clomid, would really like some positive advice and my partner and i would really love to welcome a new addition to our family.

    If anyone can help with any form of advice which helped them conceive, it would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Clomid worked 1st cycle for me !

    Hi readyforabub,
    I to am 28yrs old and had been TTC for 12months, I was diagnosed with PCOS at the start of this year and my AF was very Irregular, anyway I had to get my AF induced by Provera and went on 50mg of Clomid. Everyone is different but I to lost some weight but along with the help of Clomid it worked first cycle and I am now 9 weeks Pregnant and due in Feb. Had it confirmed by US and all going great except bad MS.

    I think clomid was great, I took mine at night to help side effects and also I actually ovulated late on clomid on day 23 instead of the usual day 14/15. So if you do take clomid they will most likely ask you get a progesterone level check done on day 21 of your cycle but if it comes back showing you didnt ovulate just monitor your body as you could just ovulate later like me, I just got another PLT done on DAY 31 and it showed I ovulated. Listen to your body as I know if I didnt i would of missed my window.
    Hang in there, good luck !

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    we been TTC since May 08 and nothing was happening, so i went to the DR in October 08 and got confirmed that i had PCOS. DR sent me away and told me to loose weight.. im over weight and i HATE IT.. but ive been at 110kg since October.. so i went back and said nothing im doing is helping..HELP ME!! i got prescribed metformin 500g TODAY.. i have to take 500g for a week then 1000g for a week and then 1500g for the rest of the time..then once im out go back to the doctor.

    Ive just started calorie counting aswell so i can loose weight and doing 1+ of exercise.

    im hoping this work. as i really want another baby

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    i have just been diagnosed with pocs and am about to start my first round of chlomid, so very excited as have been trying now for over 2yrs after a misscarriage, have been through alot thses last few months had a large syst removed off ovary n endeded up losing a tube with it!! just wondering how other people have went with the help of chlomid ? are the side affects bad? did any one conceive first round ect ??

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    Hi Everyone
    I have also been recently diagnosed with PCOS after having a laparoscopy about two weeks ago. I have been TTC since Dec last year. It all came as a bit of a shock. Im not really overweight, I don't have really bad acne and my periods have been regular since I have been off the pill. Very very weird. My Dr has started on Clomid. Just waiting for AF to come so I can start my first round.

    Taz - I have read heaps of sites and they recommend using clomid at night to reduce some of the side effects.

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    Default hi tmg

    hi tmg and welcome, i am on day four of chlomid tablets tomorrow have been really surprised have taken them every moring after breakfast and feel like norm get the accasion hot flush thats it, was quite expecting to be sick after reading all posts taz

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    Hey Taz
    Hopefully I won't get too many side effects. All the best - hopefully you get a result soon!

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    Red face Treatment

    Hi everyone, so good to hear about other ppls experiance. I have PCOS and am on my first treatment with Puregon currently. Its really confusing in one sense and obviously talking to friends about it does not put the mind to rest. So its makes me feel okay to know that i am not alone and the questions i have i see that others have aswell

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    Hi Nina & Welcome. It is great to hear about everyone's experiences - hearing from people in the same boat as you and also hearing about success stories. Best of luck.

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