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    Default Really Sad today

    I'm sorry that i'm posting such a negative post but today i feel really really sad about my TTC journey.

    I am currently on my 2nd round of clomid and i can feel my period coming, it's due next Wednesday but i have the trusty period pain that usually starts 1 week before it's due so i'm right on schedule.

    I'm just really over all this waiting and getting my hopes up, doctors visits, mood swings, people telling me to "relax", friends and family falling pregnant just by looking at their partners etc

    I just don't get how i have ovulated 2 eggs on clomid in 2 cycles and not even 1 of them will "fertilise". Why is this so damn emotionally draining?

    Sorry, i really needed to vent.

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    to you Mini

    Luckily you have found the right place. I think that you will find the people here at BB very supportive and more than willing to listen when you have to vent, or stamp your feet or anything else that helps.

    The TTC journey is not always an easy one and I have found that it really helps to chat with others here on BB where people don't judge or tell you "it will happen when you relax" - easy for them to say right!

    Everyone has bad days and we are always here to listen.

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    Get all of those feelings out mini, you're allowed to have bad days. I understand how you feel, I'm feeling like me whole life is on hold at the moment. Not sure how long you've been trying but DH and I have been trying for 2 yrs now and still no bub. Friends of ours who weren't even trying when we first fell pg now have a 5 month old and us nothing! It's hard not to be jealous but you know what - you're allowed to be.

    All I can do is send you a million and a tonne of
    I really hope that your time comes soon, it's not fair that it happens so easily for some while others have to go through some much pain and hearache when all they deserve is happiness.

    I've found some good support in the TTC with Clomid thread. One of the ladies just got a BFP on her 4th cycle. I'm on my first clomid cycle this month.

    Oh, here's another and a tonne of

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    Hi Mini,
    Firstly welcome to BB. I am sorry you are having a sad day. As the others have said, the people on here are more than happy to listen to you vent and provide enormous support. TTC can place a huge amount of pressure on an individual or couple( i found mainly from myself-which didn't help) and we ride a huge emotional journey in the process. Just know though that it is OK to have bad/sad days. I can only hope for you that you get your soon.

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    Mini, big hugs to you babe you are alllowed to have a sad day, actually you can have as many as you like because this is such a hard and emotional journey. Unfortunately everyone becomes an expert when it comes to TTC and sometimes say the wrong things, like 'try to relax' - it isn't as simple as that!. It took me 2 years to fall pg with Cooper on the 6th round of Clomid, then it took me 5 months to fall with Ethan on FSH/IUI - yet my sister fell first time. It is so hard but sometimes we are given these challenges and we just have to be strong and face them face-to-face, not easy I know! Sending you heaps and heaps of positive vibes and I hope that you get your magical bfp very very soon. Sending you heaps of :goodluck2:

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    thank you all so much for the and

    it really means to much to me that you guys understand and support me. My family just don't seem to get it and as much as some of them try i don't think they ever will. Everyone is super fertile except for me.

    My cousin was 5 months pregnant and accidently fell pregnant... with twins (she is due in 2 weeks).

    Vent over - back to smiling!

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