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Thread: Requesting a lap -how long do you have to wait?

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    Matea Guest

    Default waiting time and cost

    Hi there,
    I am glad I read these posts because I have been told that I can't get in for the Laparoscopy for another month. I have the full private health cover but my gyno wants to charge a $4500 doctors fee which I will only get back $600 or something from medicare and HCF combined. In light of reading these other posts I think this fee is rather excessive, any comments?

    That gyno charges a $250 consultation fee and medicare only gives back $65. So even that seems like quite a lot.

    I am going to see if I can get in sooner and with another doctor that will not charge such a big doctors fee. My only concern is that maybe she is supposed to be really really good and therefore charges a lot? Maybe its worth it for a good job?

    Cheers, M

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    Wow Matea, that certainly sounds excessive for a lap! Is she charging for investigating what is going on or is she removing endo as well? Does the fee include a follow up visit or will that be extra? I know for my (aprox) $500 fee, that it included my follow up visit a few days later. I didn't have my endo removed though, as my FS thought he would do damage to my uterus during the process.

    hopefully some other girls will come in with their opinions. Hope you can get into someone else for a second opinion as well. goodluck


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    Hi Matea,

    I think that's roughly what I was quoted (in 2003 so I can't really remember).

    I had extensive endo and the op blew out to about 4 - 5 hours (I think, again memory not too great). I was in hospital for 4 days as the op was done in Sydney, but i was recovering at my mum's 2 hrs away and they didn't want me to travel before then, given the amount of work I'd had done. All this greatly increased the costs as it mean surgeon and aneasthetist were working on me for much longer than expected and I was in hospital for an extra 3 days.

    I had 2 weeks off after the op and needed every day of it.


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