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Thread: what to do for high testosterone

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    Hi ladies...
    I was wondering if anyone knows what to do about high testosterone levels.. such as natural remedies, or things that can be prescribed. I once tried spironolactone but it didn't seem to help me much, has anyone had any luck with anything else?

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    I have high testostrone levels with my PCOS , i was put on metformin to help with the symptoms. I also have Insulin resistance so i think that was the main reason for the metformin.

    Maybe try a natropath , im not sure what else is around, i do know that its a pain in the bottom though and can sympathise with you 100%

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    It is definitely worth seeing a Naturopath or TCM practitioner (Traditional Chinese Medicine). There are many herbs that can be really beneficial in reducing testosterone levels, along with some dietary modifications. A couple of things you can try to begin with are to increase your intake of phyto-oestrogens - found in linseeds, alfalfa sprouts, soy sprouts, soy products (especially fermented soy foods), red clover herbal tea and many other herbs. It is also important to increase fibre in your diet, and try to have some kind of exercise each morning - this also helps to balance hormone levels. It really is worth seeing a qualified practitioner who will treat your individually though.

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