I remember reading this thread (and similar) on these forums back in March this yearr, after I had been recommended a 6 month course of Zoladex by my specialist (for the treatment of my endo, post-lap).

Feeling very hesitant (and in a stable, engaged state), my partner and I discussed the alternatives and I decided to go on the treatment. Within 2-3 weeks of my first injection I was beginning to experience hot flushes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, low-to-no libido - and memory problems shortly after. However, from then on all of the treatment effects (I don't say side-effects because the job of Zoladex is to induce menopause symptoms) were stable. Over time you DO get used to the effects and know that they are helping to keep your body at a post-op state of minimum endo.

I've recently made the transition of Zoladex to fertility again and I'll admit it's been a straight-forward road so far. My partner and I are keen to TTC very soon, but with our wedding coming up are waiting. So in the meantime (and to help my body return to regular cycles) have gone on the Pill (Microgynon; 20mcg). Seriously, the menopausal symptoms are almost gone after 14 days of the re-introduction of hormones... I don't know whether this is abnormal, or because I am thin and have a very fast metabolism, but hopefully it's some hope for demystifying the Zoladex process. After all, it's nice to hear both sides of the story before undertaking such a life-changing treatment.