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    shell68 Guest

    Age Gaps

    Hi, my husband and I have an 8 month old and would like to start trying for number two.

    I would love to hear from anyone that has a close age gap and whether they recommend it and how hard it was in the beggining.

    I do know that all children / families are different, but would love to hear your thoughts.

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    becstar Guest

    Hi Shell

    My two DS's are 15 months apart. It is great. They get along really well most of the time and are great playmates for each other.

    I did not find having two close together hard (maybe it was so long ago that I cannot really remember!). Two in nappies is expensive though. I wasn't any more tired when I was pregnant with a toddler than I was with DS#1.

    We did not have to buy two of everything because when DS#1 was in his cot, DS#2 was in the bassinet, the DS#1 went into a bed when DS#2 went into the cot.....etc etc. The only new thing we bought was a twin pusher.

    They are now 6 and nearly 5 and are in the classes next to each other at school. They have just started to share a room as the house we have here is only three bedroom, they enjoy this most of the time - except when DS#2 is not tired and DS#1 is.

    I would like to have another two close together, but think that one more is possibly enough though!

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    Nov 2003

    my sister in law's son and daughter are close in age, 18 months apart and she is now pregnant with her third due in november with a little bigger age gap but all will be under 5.. she says its the best thing,
    we want a close age gap between our children..

    take care

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    Jul 2004

    I've only got one child at the moment, but would rather my kids be close in age. No more than 2-3years apart for each. In saying that, it may be a little harder taking care of a newborn and a toddler but in the long run I reckon it'd be better for them because they'd probably have most things in comman more and have more fun together than say 2 kids that were about 6-7 years apart.

    What about others? Do you like having a closer age gap between your children? How do cope with it?

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    Jackie Guest

    My 2 youngest are 14 months apart to the day. There is two and half years between my eldest and my second. It really wan't much different or harder, but I guess it depends on the children and also the parents...

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    Jan 2005
    Adelaide, Australia

    We have always said a minimum age gap of 18 months. We are currently in the proccess of TTC #2. Shayla is 10 months old now. Hopefully we will have #2 here before she is 2.

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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Not by choice but by Mother nature, our DD is 6 (turns 7 end of November) This baby is due (either Aug or Sept), so there will be almost 7 yrs apart...
    But that's not from a planned perspective, it is just how Mother nature has made it?

    Ideally I would have liked to have 3 kids close together, but.....

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    Senior Moderator

    Nov 2004

    My son is 21 months, and will be 2 1/4 when bubba is born.

    However, if I hadn't m/c, they would have been 18 months apart.

    I think a short age gap is better than a longer one, however my little sister is 7 years younger than me and she is my best friend.

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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Thanks Divvy!!! Makes me feel a bit better!

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    Jun 2003

    Well I have 2 1/2 years between Emma and Jack and they constatnly fight! Neither of them is happy unless they are getting the other in to some kind of trouble. Then there is 6yrs between Jack and Asha and 8 1/2 between Em & Asha ... it has worked out fantastically well for us. I am able to go to the loo when ever I need to if the kids are home They adore Asha and are such a big help ... they do however fight over her at times but I just remind them she isn't a toy!!!


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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    I think Maddy is gonna try to do all the Mothering being almost 7yrs!!! But I really don;t mind... I can't change it hey!

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    Mar 2004

    Harry is 21 months older than Grace and it has been fine. Initially I was worried about having 2 with only a 2 year age gap but we have managed fine. Mind you I am not planning on having another one within 2 years. At this stage I don't want anymore kids but if we did it won't be until Grace is about 3. Having 2 close together may be ok but I don't want to have 3 that close!
    SIL's third and fourth babies are 11 months apart, but that was a complete accident. That was hard work at first and physically straining, as she got pregnant only 8 weeks after giving birth so she didn't really have a chance to fully recover from the previous pregnancy. IMO that is too close an age gap, but you can't control mother nature!

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    Apr 2003
    Western Australia

    I am pregnant with #3.

    Cairenn will be 3 years and 4 months old, and Liam will be 18 months.

    I am looking forward to this age gap as we wanted our kids close together for bonding and play!!

    I think I will have to take some real notes from Here!!

    I have a real "need the house clean always" attitude at the moment - it is sooooooo going to have to change!!

    Best wishes

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    Apr 2003
    Western Australia

    Any luck ttc #2 yet Shell??

    Let us know!!

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    Feb 2005
    out and about

    Hi there is a 6minute gap between DD#1 and DD#2 (he he)
    But a nearly 5 yr gap between,DD#1,#2, and DD#3, she's almost like an only child but 1 & 2 adore her, and let her get away with anything, i have to remind them they don't have to give her everything she wants !!
    There will be a 21 month gap between DD#3 and DS to come! :-s

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    Feb 2004
    Adelaide SA

    There is 2years and 2months between Nicholas and Ryan and it's great, Nick helps out heaps with Ryan, he loves helping change nappies etc.
    There will deffinitley be at least 3 years between Ryan and the next one because i'm hoping to go to uni next year.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    I have 4 yrs 10 mths bt 1 and 2, it was chosen this way but for financial considerations, so I prob would've had them closer if we had the means. It was good though as DD was able to do most things for herself and help out a bit too. There would have been 3yrs bt 2 and 3 but I had a mc so it became 3 and a half yrs and this gap was also good as 3 and a half yr old could also be a bit independent. Gap bt 3 and 4 is 18mths. It was def harder than the other age gaps as I have 2 babies, but it is also very nice to have 2 so close in age, no.3 adores no.4 and the older 2 are great helpers too.

    In the end maybe mother nature will decide on your age gap too, it seems to be the way. Funnily enough, people I know who had 2 close together first up have decided they wouldn't have any more as they fond it so full on with a small age gap. Everyone is different though and maybe it depends on your kids too, whether they are sleepers etc.

    Good luck which ever way it goes
    Best wishes Michelle