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    Hi there! I wasnt' sure where to post, so Im coming in here!!
    DH and I are planning to TTC number 3 next month. I guess Im just trying to weigh up all the pro's and con's and need to write them down and maybe get some opinions!!
    I love my girls more than anything and would love another baby but here are the cons':
    1. I suffer anxiety and wonder if I'll just worry even more with number 3. I feel always on edge as it is just worrying about their wellbeing. Can I deal with a third to worry about!
    2. My eldest is nearly 10, and my second is coming on 2.5. Just when number 2 is getting a bit more independent and we could travel etc, do i want to start again.
    3. I have a business and desperately want to work at it, but will that be possible with number 3?
    4. I have been extremely tired for last 10 years, do I want to continue sleep disturbances.
    5. Live in a very small house and it will be very squishy. I hate clutter!

    1. Would love a bigger family, love my girls, want more and want them to have more siblings, it's nice for them.
    2. Do NOT want to regret not having another baby.
    3. Will be able to get a p/t nanny to help out.
    4.I know the sleepless nights will pass, even if its' a few years away.
    5. My kids are so important to me and I love kids.

    I guess what I really want is to hear from people who have had similar concerns, and how it's turned out for you. My mind just seems to be going at 100 miles an hour tinking of all the different scenario's. Maybe because it's so close and also my BIL is heading overseas for an 8 month hol, it's all got me thinking. Baby/freedom....etc. Any advice appreciated!!!

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    It's a toughy isn't it! We were lucky in so far as we didn't have to think about it with our third. She wasn't planned so we never had to make that decision - she made it for us I often think if we hadn't of had her that we would be less squished in the house, I would have more free time, more money, more people willing to babysit the elder 2 etc. We have no family where we are so it can be very hard. She is also a very demanding, stubborn, easily frustrated child with red hair and a temper to match!

    BUT...When I look at her and when she walks to me and kisses me and cuddles me I know that I would never have it any other way. I can't imagine not having her in our lives. She brings so much more to our family and so much more to the relationships we all have with each other.

    I don't think anyone (except your DH) can help you with your decision, so good luck!

    PS I am about to travel to the UK by myself with the 3 of them (7, 5, 16m) so you can still travel (although I might be advising you against it when I get back )

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