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    I'm a single mum to Ella who is 13 months. Over the last few weeks I have been feeling overwhelmed and wanting to just get some "me time."

    I have found it really hard coping....doing it all by myself. I must admit that I moved back to live with my Mum, but we have an understanding that I do everything related to my daughter and if I need help I will ask.

    I asked for a break last week, I just wanted to see a friend after Ella was in bed and she comes back with "She's your responsibility". It really [email protected] me off when she does that. I don't think I'm asking too much.

    I have had PND, but am over that now. I certainly don't feel depressed, but maybe I am.....

    Does anyone else feel like this and what have you done to fix it.....

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    Yes I have felt exactly the same way and you do need some 'me' time now and again to recharge. I have no support except for dh but I use occasional care and I find it really fantastic. The rates are really reasonable and my dd has a lovely time, maybe you could look into that if it is available in your area.

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    I feel overwhelmed with my two and I'm not a single parent so I take my hat off to you.
    I think you need to create me time. Look into some kind of daycare. It can be at a creche or by a family day carer. Your council should have details about family day care or ask your MCHN. Our local council also runs occasional care from the local community center. It's a 3 hour drop off and it's just perfect for getting the groceries done and having a relaxing coffee and cake in a coffee shop (which is way luxurious for me). And it costs $10 per child so it's not going to break the bank.
    Comments like what was said by your mum are just plain horrible. My children were very much wanted. That still doesn't make any difference to me needing some time to myself for 3 hours once a week!

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    I barely survive now and I have help from DH. I have to have 10 minutes every night to myself. AND I have Matilda in day care 5 hours on a Wed so I can get things done, shopping, doctor visits, naps etc... the "me" time. I do this for sanity sake. We started this with Matilda when she was 14 months old. Just having that break makes me a better mummy, and without it I couldn't survive. I hated the thought of Matilda being in someone else's care, but in the end I realised that a relaxed and happy mummy was more important to Matilda that 5 hours of play at day care....

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    Thanks so much for your support. I have decided to put Ella into child care for half a day each week. I have been stewing over this for a while and have decided that it's time to bite the bullet and do it.

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