thread: How were you proposed to???

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    Jul 2010
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    On our 3rd date hubby took me (new to Canb.) to the top of Mt Ainslie to "look at the lights" I LOVED it and he took the chance to give me a first kiss.
    We often would go up there after an evening out 'cause I loved looking out at the lights. One night after we'd been dating for several months hubby took me up there after a lovely dinner out and asked me to marry him and produced a ring that I absolutely LOVE. He just held me in a lovely hug (inside his jacket cause it was cold) and then pulled a ring out of his pocket. I wasn't expecting it. Not hugely romantic but lovely.

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    Mine has a bit of history.
    I used to collect teapots and cup and saucer sets. I also LOVE to travel.

    We were at Disneyland and DH desperately wanted to go on the Mad Hatters Tea Party Ride ....I could not figure out why a great hulking adult male would want to go on a predominantly pink, little girls ride. But he waited patiently (unheard of for him) and when it was our round he bolted to a hot pink (my favourite colour) teacup beating all the 6yos lol. It wasn't until I sat down and saw that he was about to cry that I realised what was going to happen. Certainly added a sparkle to Disneyland that day

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    DP and I were Christmas shopping a week before Christmas 2005, he asked me what I wanted and I replied some "jewellery; maybe a ring" inside the jewellers he said "we should just get engaged" LOL and that was it! We made it official Christmas Day after he asked my dad first.

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    May 2005

    Love the stories. Keep them coming!

    On New Years Eve 2001. We were both on leave and he got a phone call from work calling him in for an emergency. (he worked at a prison at the time so it was possible). None of his uniforms were ironed so I had to iron one before he left. Anyway, he went off to work. Many, many hours later he returns home. I see him walk up the driveway with a little black and white bundle in his arms. Next thing I know he's closing the back door and I hear a knock. When I open it, there he is on bended knee holding up a little puppy with a red ribbon tied around her neck with a ring! So I became engaged and a mummy at the same time. We then went down to the Sheraton Mirage for dinner and stayed overnight - only stopping off to drop the puppy to his Mum to babysit.

    Turns out the phone call from work was his Mum's neighbour calling as I wouldn't recognise his voice. Instead of going to work he had to pick up the puppy from the breeders. We were married 10 months later (actually celebrating our 8th anniversary this week). We still have the puppy.

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    Dec 2008

    Me and dh started going out when I was 17 he was 16 after 3 weeks we were lying on the floor together and he did the whole speech on how he loves me and I'm his queen and he wants to love me forever and me be his wife I got the ring a couple months later which I don't have anymore he also called my dad at work and asked for my hand in marriage and he told him to come back when he was older lol

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    Mar 2008
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    We had been talking about getting engaged and we went and found a ring that DF layby'd. On Dec 5th 2007 I didn't realise he had gone to get the ring out. He got all the kids together and then on one knee proposed. All the kids were smiling and laughing and it was a lovely, warm moment. Now we just have to stop having more kids so we can get married lol.

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    I'm loving these stories.

    Mine, well the first time Dh and I were laying in bed (late nov, early dec) and we were talking about how long we had been together and how time flys. During this I said to him, 'so how much longer do think it will be before you make me an honest woman?' So right there and then he asks. (turns out same day as DD1 was conceived)

    Then what we call the real time. We were moving, so the house was empty besides the last few things, but we were still staying there. I came home from work, fly in the driveway, race through the house busting to pee (6mnths preggers and needing to pee badly). Dh stops me mid way through the house, he said he needed to talk to me about something, so I was standing there doing the needing to pee dance, you know the sway, the legs crossed, constantly jiggling about.
    But then he got down on one knee, said a whole heap of stuff that I honestly cannot remember, I was too busy needing to pee, and then there were tears, etc....

    I dont remember the words he said, but I sure do remember how good that pee was! =D

    The most romantic one I have heard of though, my best friend and her Dp, went overseas last year. Major milestone for him who is scared of travelling (its actually a phobia for him). They were in scotland for christmas. they went for a walk on christmas eve up on a hill that looked over the town, whilst it was snowing he got down on one knee and asked.

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    Oct 2010
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    I love how different all our stories are. it makes me smile
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    My DH was going to propose to me on our 2 year anniversary, but decided to bring it forward because I was just about to commence an intensive stint in corporate law studies - so he brought it forward to the weekend before.

    We had just signed a contract to buy a new car and he suggested that we celebrate by having dinner at our favourite restaurant, Toscanis, that was just down the road from his parents place.

    It was purely simple and sweet - just like my DH - very real and honest. He said he had never loved anyone as much as he loved me, and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. For the first time in my life, I was speechless. He then offered me a ring belonging to his mother and 25 years old.. a beautiful brilliant cut diamond 18ct yellow and white gold ring. Perfectly sized... he's a sneaky bugger and he plans these things well. He had also asked my Dad's permission (who lives in Perth) a few months earlier - my dad absolutely adores him.

    My DH is a very private person - so it was very him and I love that :-)
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