My parents were/are brilliant, I feel very lucky. I hope I can be even a tiny bit as good as they have been! Their number one rule was consequences; you can do anything you like as long as you understand and accept the consequences and it is something that has always stuck with me, to consider the impact of my actions. Me and my brother weren't perfect, we made mistakes and stuffed up here and there but never did anything super bad. I know if I'm ever in a pickle, my parents would drop everything to be there for me and have done, no matter what happens I know they have got my back and I hope my daughter feels like that too.

I don't do everything how they did (BLS, breastfeeding etc although my parents are supportive and curious, my Dad is always dragging me into conversations saying "hey, what is that feeding thing called? Baby led something? Tell them about it, come on it's great haha) but the general 'feel' I guess is something I hope to replicate. Becomming a parent has made me appreciate mine so much more, I suddenly realise what a tough and confusing gig being one is.