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Thread: Baby Beehinds

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    Default BBH

    i have order my first fitted Bamboo BBH and it arrived yesterday, i have pre washed them 3 times and waiting for it to dry. i have some of the BBH all in ones but must say at first i was a bit worried that the fitted one are going to be a bit bulky, but they are not wel i have not tried them on my new born but on my toddler they are not as bulky as the all in one BBH nappies i only have order 4 fitted nappies 3 pul covers and 2 wool covers, bit i think i will be adding some more fitted nappies to my stash but first i want to see how they absorbe, i have some of the MD nappies they are very trim dont think you will be able to get trimmer than that but al honesty dont think the fitted BBH nappies is much more bulky than the MD and think the BBH wil absorbe much more than all the nappies that i have but will let you know what i think about the absorbency after i have used them. i decided on bamboo for i have had many over wet nappies with both my kids and had one when whe were in the car on a only 3 hour car trip and the seat was soaking wet. and had nothing to put my toddler in so he had to sit in the wet seat. and believe me he was not happy wel i was not happy for his sake to. so i desided on ever outing we go he would were desposables, but know with the BBH well hope i do not have to by desposables again. i will let you know what i think and how it go's so keep watching the space ;-)

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    Thumbs up BBH

    i have just received my first fittle BBH nappies so they are on the line drying, but what i have hurd is that the bamboot fitted one are really great and there was a mom who's son was a hevvy wetter he actually wet huggies so bad that it started to leak but she changed to BBH fitted nappies and say's that it is much better than the desposables, and to be honest it have to be done to wet huggies so bad that it actually leak. so that says allot of BBH fitted bamboo nappies. the BBH fitted nappies are not very bulky and personal oppinion they are actually slightly trimmer than the all in one BBH nappies, but i have a couple of all in one BBH nappies and they do not absorbe that well but that is also saying that i do not have it in the bamboo so i think that the bamboo one's in the all in ones will absorbe more than the other one's. i will keep you posted on what i think regarding the absorbency on the fitted BBH nappies. so keep watching the space.

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    i have some BBH on layby!! Cant wait to pay em off!!

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