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Thread: Bamboo Beehinds users....

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    Thanks ladies,

    Tonight is Paige's first overnight in the BBH. I have a wool cover for now she is in her PUL BBH cover.

    I have kept the 2 boosters that come with them in it, plus one extra bamboo booster.

    Lets see how she goes.

    Her Bubblebub GNST overnight nappy was satched this morning from being on for 12 hours.

    Will let you know how we go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sammi-j View Post
    Caleb wees more after the first feed in the morning that he does all night. I sleep him with both boosters and he is never wringing wet even if he sleeps 12 hours. I change him and use the same combination of two boosters and he is soaking at his next change. He usually gets quite grizzly if he's really wet though it is better for him if I use a fleece liner.
    If you're getting up to her for a feed than you can change her then to see how her wetting pattern is.
    I've never been able to have a disposable on any of my boys for as long as 4 hours without them getting a rash so I don't know any different IRT frequency of changes.
    My daughter is the same. She is a Super Soaker after her first and sometimes second feeds of the day, so I find myself boosting at those times atm. The only time I boost at night is if we have given her a formula feed in the afternoon, as she tends to drink practically the entire 240ml.
    We also use the small snap insert, but won't use the long one until we are no longer using the 'small' setting for the nappy.

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    I guess how often to change depends on how often they pee! if they pee every hour, don't you change every hour so there's no pee gassing off ammonia near their butt? (ie. regardless of nappy?)

    obviously not so much overnight - if she is sleeping through, don't put her down until she does a wee, then she would probably be dry in the morning, not necessarily by the time you get to her - but by she should only pee just after she wakes. although sometimes they wake briefly during the night to pee.

    my dd 4 months has had 8 dry nights so far - dry including waiting the 5 mins for me to come get her up! that only happens if she does a pee on teh potty before bed though.

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