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Thread: BBH - booster snaps - question

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    Just wondering if anyone has experienced any issues with the fact that the booster snaps are inside the nappy and therefore touch the baby's skin? What happens if you don't want a booster in? Does it rub?

    hope you know what I mean ! Really having trouble choosing a brand for fitteds!

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    AmyBaby Guest


    I guess it would rub, but that shouldn't become an issue, as Baby BeeHInds are meant to be used with either the small or large snap insert. I don't know why you wouldn't want to use it ?

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    I have never used mine without the inserts. But I'm not sure that the snaps would be a problem even if you didn't, I think the way the nappy sits would stop them touching the skin? I'm not sure how absorbent the nappy would be without at least one insert though.

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    if your worried about the roughness i wouldnt worry!!! just scrunch them a little and there fine and hemp directly on the skin has healing properties, good for nappy rash!!

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    Roquen – I sometimes use a BBH without a booster and yeah the snap does make a bit of a mark on DS bum but it’s not something that I was overly worried about. If you are really worried why no try a liner. There are lots of different types of liners, disposable/flushable, raw silk, microfleece.

    AmyBaby – If you are using BBH on a newborn, my understanding is that you just use the outer nappy bit. The nappy + boosters would be way too bulky on a newborn. Then as bubs gets bigger you add in the boosters and adjust the fit with the snaps as needed.

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    LizzysMum Guest


    I am using BBB on a newborn and I need the small booster or she pees thru straight away. Must say they are a bit bulky tho, I prefer small fitteds until 5 or 6kg.

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    I too am using BBH on a newborn & definitely need booster (use a booster on a outside as well at nighttime). They are pretty bulky though - some of his 000 clothes are a bit squishy once the nappy is on!

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