thread: Any ways to get bub to sit/lay still while feeding her a bottle?

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    Feb 2008
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    Any ways to get bub to sit/lay still while feeding her a bottle?

    Now that Mia is commando crawling she gets away from me so quick. Its getting quite a struggle to feed her a bottle. If someones around she must look at them. If the TV is on she must look at it. She finds the need to blow rasberries while the bottle is in her mouth so milk goes everywhere (she does the same with food). She squirms so much and her arms fly everywhere and i have to hold her or she rolls over and crawls away.

    Is this just something i need to put up with or is there someway i can get her to sit still and concentrate on the task at hand?

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    Sep 2008
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    Even at 5 months, I used to wrap DD and go and sit down quietly with her. It meant she could concentrate on the task at hand. Although sometimes she would just muck around so much that I would give her the rest of her bottle in half an hour or so. Not much help, hope you get some good responses.
    Good Luck with your cheeky girl!

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    DD was like this too and I know it gets frustrating as it could take me up to half an hour per bottle to feed her. She would kick the bottle and laugh at the noise it made, then try putting her feet in her mouth while drinking. Then look at Dad walking into the room. Then biting the teat and flicking it out of her mouth to see what noise that made, then trying to touch my nose. And oh, look, mum's got something in her shirt pocket, I can reach that.

    Cute only for the first few times!

    The only thing I can suggest is to maybe feed her somewhere with the least distractions - maybe in the bedroom where there's no TV and no people walking in and out.

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    Feb 2008
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    thanks ladies.

    see one big problem i have is we have a 1 bedroom unit atm (looking for a house at present) so there is no real place i can go and escape to feed her.

    Shes just a terror lol!

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    Dec 2006
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    I have a high chair that reclines, and I used to pop DS in that, and lie it back and strap him in and feed there during the day if he was being uncooperative. Now, I just give him the bottle lid, and he bangs it against the bottle and kicks his feet. Also, he is much happier feeding himself now too, with me supporting the end of the heavy bottle ...

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    Oct 2008

    DD was the same - I used to be very glad it was not my nipple that she was ripping around in all directions to look at everything!

    But we used to have a quiet environment when she was feeding, so people in the room stayed and no one went out. (she was a quick feeder thank goodness) At day care they taught her to hold her bottle very early on and that seemed to give her a challenge to keep it in her mouth. I also found eye contact helped - but only if she was in the mood.

    Also if she got totally distracted after only half the feed I would put it up for half an hour and then give her the rest when she was hungry - it seemed to work but it did drag out feeding times. At night she just drank and then fell asleep again luckily.

    Hope some of these suggestions help - goodluck!

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    Mar 2007
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    I have to swaddle Bella and lay down on the bed cause she is a mega pain to feed. She tries real hard to get out of the blanket but as soon as the bottle is in her mouth she is right - it's the only way at all that I can get some milk into her these days and if she isn't still her whole feed gets thrown back up.

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    I'm getting DS to take more control with his bottle and will give him some finger food with his meal. But the distractions such as TV or ppl can still be an issue. I now turn the TV off at meal times or if I want to watch the news in an evening I will position the high chair with its back to the TV. I end up listenin more than watching though. As long as I interact with DS we get through the meal. If there are ppl around, I ask them not to move around or postion themseles wher DS can see them. Then there are times the lamp is more interesting than his bottle and sometimes you can't win.

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    Mar 2008
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    I feel your pain. Peter is a mega squirmer when feeding and gets distracted by EVERYTHING. There are two things I find make it a little better. One is getting him to hold his bottle as much as possible (although he will drops this too). The second is actually the telly. As much as I hate it, he will generally lie much more quietly and drink if he can watch TV. He seems particularly fond of Backyard Blitz.....