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Thread: How to choose a formula?

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    Default How to choose a formula?

    Hey guys,

    As i mentioned in a different thread, my DD needs to go onto formula. We tried her on Isomil, which is a soy based one, but she hated it.

    But how do you choose a formula? Is there any real difference between them? Her paediatric dieitician didn't care which one she is on. The following are the ones we can try that are kosher:

    Heinz Nurture 1
    Heinz Nurture 2
    Karicare Infant 2
    Karicare follow on 2
    Karicare Specality Formula AR
    Karicare Specality Formula HA
    Karicare Specality Formula HA-AR

    She does have a few allergies (grass, certain antiobiotics, but not to dairy or any food stuff). I saw that some of the karicare ones are for kids with allergies?

    What made you choose a particular formula brand?


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    We use a HA formula as both DH and I have food allergies so Sam's at a high risk for developing them himself... and the Ha formulas are supposed to help minimise that risk.

    Is there a risk of Nechema developing allergies? They class this as having a parent or sibling with food allergies.

    The AR formulas are thickened to help stop them regurgitating... is this something you need?

    If you don't need any of those things, then I'd be looking at trying the cheapest option first - likely to be the Heinz, from what I've seen.

    Just one thing... The karicare HA formula seems to be responsible for explosive diarrhea in many younger babies, I'm not sure how older kids may go on it.


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    To be honest Yael, they're all pretty much the same. They all differ ever so slightly but have to meet the same requirements so, essentially, are all as good as each other. I did find, however, that Nan was closest consistency to breastmilk and that S26 gave DD bad constipation. As BW said, AR is thickened so unless you have reflux issues, I'd probably avoid it... although I'm not sure if it will benefit DD's failure to thrive? Being thicker it would take longer to absorb nutrients... but at the same time, can tire them out quicker trying to get it in...

    We used Karicare Delact for DD (one of the few lactose free ones available for us) and found that there were a couple of Karicare formula's that were often unavailable. They were having to be changed frequently or low manufacturing or something annoying. The longest period I went without being able to source DD's formula was 4 months. I was lucky that I had a stock at home which got me through the first month (they anticipated stores would be restocked within that time frame). After that, I had to call the hotline each week to get my week's supply sent in the post. They happily did this and it cost me nothing.



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    Hi Yael,

    I am not sure if you have spoken to anyone in regards to the program yet but I though that I would share with you what I have been told. I was at the hospital on Thursday and asked the dietican about formula through the HEN program (I am putting DD on half EBM and half formula now as I simply cannot keep up anymore) and she advised me that the HEN program does supply formula FOC, they however only use Karicare (I got the Karicare Infant 2 as DD is following on from EBM), I thought I would let you know just in case this helps. Also, I noticed in Safeway today that this range is on special for $16.95, might be a good opportunity to try it while on special before you get your first supply from HEN.

    I hope this helps in some way and isn't just useless information

    I hope you find a formula that your DD likes and even better if it is one supplied through the program FOC.

    Good Luck.

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    I am so glad to see all the Kosher ones are the ones that smell better!!! Both going in and going out!!

    It does come down to personal choice hun. If you can have the HEN program that DD was talking about then I would say the Karicare HA, because allergies can develop over time. If not and if cost is an issue then I would say the Heinz step 2. You can try both and see what she responds best to, but they are all much of a muchness.

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