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    Wink Introducing me and my family

    Hello everyone.. my name is Lori. Now that we have all the formal crap out of the way heres my story....LOL

    I was born and raised in st.louis missouri U.S.A with a strong religous family upbringing ( i was the rebel child i suppose ) i decided to part my way with family and friends to make a new life ( one i could be happy of ) with my beautiful partner michelle here in Queensland Australia. I am 30 years old and a proud mummy to Madaline who was born May 16th 2005.

    I am currently pregnant with our second child ( ITS A GIRL! ). We were hoping michelle would have been able to carry our second child but due to a chemical injury she obstained from her work ( MUNGERALS! ) she will be on a disablity for the rest of her life as the chemicals have caused her greif with a massive lung injury!

    Michelle was born and raised in Queensland and has lived here all her life. She has traveled MANY places. She loves our daughter and loves spending time with her and teaching her new things ( more like the 2 year old teaches her things ) HA HA HA

    In America i use to be a police officer.. i worked the world trade center and was a uniform patrol officer for 3 other states. I loved my job and loved the excitment it brought into my life.

    Michelle and i do not classify ourself in any "group". we accept people for who they are not what they are. We have a loving group of friends but would love to make more.

    I have a wicked sence of humor and michelle is very dry. I am the outgoing one and michelle is reserved to some extent. Some people reckon we are like chalk and cheese...LOL

    I have applied to be a Australian citizen and am waiting for my hand shake to seal the deal.

    I have been in Australia since 2002 ( CRIKEY THATS AGES! ) I talk more aussie slang than michelle does...LOL

    I hate rude people, and people who think of themselves...

    Ookay enough about me

    Hope to see you all on the threads!!


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    on the move.....

    Hi Lori and Michelle - Glad to have you guys here. I am also a Brisbanite.
    Congratulations on your pregnancy!

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    Great intro Lori!! Welcome to Belly Belly - Im sure you find lots of advice, support and friendship here!! Hope your pg is a happy and healthy one! When are you due??

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    Welcome to the thread Michelle and Lori!! We are also a same-sex couple currently on a break TTC our first child. We are also from brisbane. My partner has an american accent because her mum is American, but Kim was born and raised in Malta, she speaks three languages, but thats a whole other story! Seems we have a whole heap in common. Kim is now a Permanent Resident and has been in Australia since 2000. I have a blog and made friends through my blog with two other couples in brisbane who were TTC. One couple have a beautiful little boy now and the other couple are in the same boat as us. Still trying and coping with infertility. Hope to get to know you and the others are absolutely correct, you will find an enormous amount of support and friendship through this site. Feel welcome to check out my blog, i will change my signature to include the link!
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    hi girls.. thanks for the warm welcome... Our little bundle of joy is due Jan 2008

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    Hello Lori and Michelle, congrats on your pregnancy.Welcome to the site, im sure you will find some interesting topics to read, I find it wonderful that there are other women who we can relate to. Its a nice change and I look forward to reading more of your threads.

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    Hi Michelle and Lori,
    We are also fom Brisbane, well Beerwah, so more Northside/Sunshine Coast area but anyway. We are TTC our first, with me carrying. Welcome to BB, its a great site.

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