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Thread: Sperm donor process in Qld

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    jomar Guest

    Smile Sperm donor process in Qld

    Hi there.

    This is my first post on here. I'm just starting out on the whole sperm donor process and am trying to find the best option available to me. I'm a single female living on the Sunshine Coast and I know 2 local people who have been through it, both at different clinics. One was just last year and she did it locally through Coastal IVF. For her it was a long process with multiple counselling sessions, a laparoscopy, with costs totally approximately $4000 (she got pregnant on the second try). The other was about 5 years ago through QLD Fertility Group in Brisbane (with Dr Gordan Kilvert who I've heard other people mention). Hers involved a one off fee of $475 with only $50 per cycle (I'm sure these prices have gone up considerably) and no invasive procedures.

    I would love to hear from other people in Brisbane or on the Sunshine Coast who have gone through this as it's all so confusing and I don't know what is really involved.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Welcome Jomar!
    Unfortunately I cannot offer any advice or assistance as we are going to use a known donor.
    Good luck with TTC.

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    qfg prices have gone up though they seemed quite reasonable there a few doctors in the clinic some have huge waiting lists others are easy to get into. we looked into the clinics etc incase our known donor didnt work out. we didnt end up using the clinic as we fell pregnant home insemination. qfg were quite helpful when i called them there is a woman called jai if you call and ask to speak to her she will put you onto the right people and then the clinic will send you out profiles of donors, the donors are all from america as there is a shortage of local donors. hope this helps good luck

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    We used Coastal IVF, and yes the dr likes to do investigative procedures before any insemination attempt. We were a bit skeptical at first, like he was just trying to get money out of us, but he explained it to us as it could potentially be saving us more money and time by making sure that we do the best and safest protocol for the circumstances (IUI or IVF, and what medications...). That seems pretty reasonable to me. It does mean a longer wait, but then again it also means you know exactly what you're dealing with when you start inseminations, so there isn't any question of "what if i have xyz". Another lesbian couple we are friends with had the lap, the dr found endo, she had 6 months of treatment, and on their first IUI got pregnant. They could have wasted the 6 months doing IUI, the had the lap, found the problem, and have to do the treatment anyway before they could start again.

    Anyway, I thought checking if everything was ok seemed pretty responsible. I know when you desparately want to be pregnant and have a bub, the path of least resistence is the easiest. We chose Coastal IVF because we liked their approach and their explanation for everything they did, and also because it was closer (we live at Beerwah) and smaller, which meant we weren't just a number IYKWIM. It felt more personal, which was important as well as really these people are helping you create a child, we needed to feel comfortable. I know, it probably seems silly, but that was important to us.

    Also, we only had one session of counselling... there isn't any set number of sessions you have to have, so I wouldn't use that as something to turn you away from a certain clinic. The psychologist Coastal IVF use is excellent, an amazing understanding of all the things appropriate with lesbian couples and also couples using donor sperm, so don't be afraid she is biased. I think if you need more sessions you would need it whichever clinic you go to.

    I have heard it is more expensive that some other clinics. Our out of pocket expenses (we were covered by medicare for the inseminations as I have PCOS) in total (this includes all the procedures and appointments from start to finish including 4 IUI+clomid/hcg trigger attempts with an unknown Australian donor from the clinic) were about $3300.

    I can't comment on QFG personally, though I have heard good things from straight and lesbian couples using them.

    Good luck

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    jomar Guest


    Thanks everyone for your replies.

    I made an enquiry through IVF Sunshine Coast and am really disheartend. The lady there said they are having trouble getting donor sperm and so are using American donors (which I expected). I never realised how expensive it would be. She said it would cost $1600, plus $950 for the sperm, per cycle! Plus extra costs (I think you have to register when you first start).

    Even though I earn a good income, I don't really have that much money saved and it could take many cycles to actually get pregnant. $2,550 per month!! She also said as I'm single I wouldn't be able to claim it on Medicare.

    I now feel like this is really out of my reach and I really didn't want it to come down to money. I'm going to ring the Brisbane clinic on Friday to see if they're any different.

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    First of all, in Qld if you have a fertilty related medical condition, regardless of if you are single or in a lesbian relationship, you can be covered by Medicare. Full stop. Refusal to do so is discrimination. I got the same response from that clinic, and decided not to go with them for that reason.

    It is a shame that it comes down to money... It's a expensive process and unfortunately there is a shortage of sperm donors. Try ringing around. There is another clinic in Nambour with Dr Moir (he also works in Noosa I think) who I have heard is excellent, you could try them?


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