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Thread: Victoria Lesbian Parenting Handbook ONLINE!!

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    Smile Victoria Lesbian Parenting Handbook ONLINE!!


    We got a fantastic book/pamphlet from Royal Womens Hospital in Victoria when we first started trying to conceive about your legal rights and obligations under the current legislation.
    I just searched it so that I could put the link to order the book onto another thread and found it COMPLETELY ONLINE!!
    So you don't have to order it in a booklet anymore, just go to

    Pride and Joy online

    which means the info is totally up to date and accessible anytime.

    And if you go to Contacts on the same page, it gives you a GREAT list of resources including support groups, legal contacts, websites and books.

    OMG, it's sooo easy!! We had a massive search around when we were first trying and, piece by piece, found most of these resources but it took MONTHS and now it's all in one place.

    Finally, people are recognising that lesbian women are having babies and we need access to support like any hetro couple.


    Even for those Mum's out of state, it's a great source of info on lesbian parenting and the contact list is awesome.

    Check it out!!

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    Woohoo...thats great news...its about time they seen the need for more support in the community.

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