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Thread: Breast Cancer ???

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    Oh Lorelle, what an emotional time you've been having. Just wanted to give you some HUGE hugs, and say I'm thinking of you...
    Sounds like you are one amazing friend/relative to have sweetie..
    Thinking of you, and all your loved ones..


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    Oh KASS you just the sweetest buddy ... what a gorgeous gesture

    Please know i feel so grateful & feel so lucky to know someone like you here in our home town of Ballarat but as you get to know me better you will soon find i'm a pain in the butt when it comes to coping with any kind of 'bad or sad' situation in my life as strangely compared to most women i'm the opposite and cope better on my own rather than seeking help from friends & ringing them to come be with me ... Yeh, i know a weird trait to have and yeh, i drive my mates nuts with it as they get frustrated with me & want to help me by visiting but i just always feel better to be on my own & think things thru & deal with it in that manner)

    But KASS my i have a raincheck on the visit & wine for maybe a happier time ahead ... i would love that (just give the 'pain in the butt me' LOL some time which i'm sure is going to take a long time with all that is happening) ... Will see you & my sweet Bella-Ballerina for sure at playgroup

    Lotsa wuv & hugs to you KASS for being YOU (Lovely Mumma) xox

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    Completely understandable Lorelle

    The wine will still be here waiting Well not the same bottle of course Thats been polished off

    You're not strange in dealing with it in your own little way. But if things get to much never feel ashamed to ask for a hand You're not expected to take all this on your shoulders You only have small shoulders

    Ill be here waiting when ever you're ready :hugs

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    To dear Lorelle, I'm so desperately sorry to hear this news. I can't give you any words to help ease the pain as there is just no way to do that.

    So I will offer my thoughts...

    Sometimes the journey with Breast Cancer gets the better of even the strongest and bravest of us. I know you will be questioning why this has happened and I want to say your reaction"what's next?" is perfectly normal. When something like this happens it makes us all stop and re-evluate our own life and our own experiences and wonder why some people seem to be 'luckier' than others. I don't want you to think you are luckier than your sister and that something bad will happen to you. Life is unpredictable, some people sail through without even a small glitch and then there are some of us that fight just to keep our heads above water. I don't believe it's luck. The really tough situations are only sent to those that can cope, call it Gods way or karma or whatever you want. I truely believe we are not given anything we can't manage. When it seems like all hope is lost and you can't go on, take a moment, sit quietly and find that place deep down inside where your true strength and courage lives and ask for help and guidance. Find the Princess Warrior within that all of us women have and you will get through. Your family needs your courage now, but don't be afraid to show you are scared and heartbroken. Strength comes from adversity and the saying "what doesn't kill you will make you stronger" is true. YOU WILL get through this and YOU WILL find a way to support your partner because quite simply you have to. Both your DP and your SIL will draw their own strength from your love and support just now.

    Keep listening, keep,loving your family and try to keep going the best way you can. It won't be easy and it won't be pretty but you CAN get through this, you WILL get pregnant again if the worst happens and your beautiful SIL needs to leave this earth take comfort in the fact your children will have their very own special, loving and protective guardian angel watching over them and keeping them safe.


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