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Thread: Breast Cancer risk?

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    Default Breast Cancer risk?

    My grandma who is 80 has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. What is the risk ofr my mum, me or other female members getting it and should I go get checked out?

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    There are lots of differents typs pf breast cancer and not all have genetic tendancies. My mum was diagnosed at 38 years old (she's 64 now so all turned out good!), ao I get mammograms every 2 years, but I've been told my chances of getting it are 50/50. There is no real answer to your question, but if you're worried talk to a gp and see if they think you shound get a mammogram.

    Hope you Grandma's ok.

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    I absolutely agree with what Dee73 said that there are different kinds.

    My Mum's sister was diagnosed at 38 but sadly was not always well & passed away with linked cancers in her 60's.

    I had it at 34 (I luckily got it in time, surgery & no chemo), my younger sister had a scare also at 34 (surgery & benign) & my older sister at 51 is about to find out her results tomorrow ... fingers crossed for her

    My 26yr old SIL is presently going through chemo for breast cancer ... after her own Mother had only gone thru the same 3 years ago

    ... YES, talk to your GP & she will give you some helpful insight in what to choose to do

    It honestly doesn't hurt to have a mammogram every year. I have done so since I was 26. Simply for peace of mind but after 34 for obviously different reasons after having had surgery for breast cancer.

    Keep in mind when you over 40 years of age it is a FREE mammogram service through the BREASTSCREEN clinic (tho that's years away for you & things may have changed by then??)

    Heartfelt wishes for your Gran, ... just be there for her & hold her hand

    P.S - just an update, ... sadly my sister rang me today to tell me she does have breast cancer (she will have surgery next Wed & they will then after decide whether chemo is needed) ... JordieC, yes see your GP & remember prevention is the best ' WE ' can do for ourselves now. At least in this day we have that option !!!
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