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Thread: Breast Implants - anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turkish Delight View Post
    Geez Tali, i never looked at your boobies when i met you and i never would have guessed that you had implants.

    450CC are big ones. The before and after shots on this drs. website are mainly 200-300CC implants. I guess i would be an AA cup too but have never been able to find AA cups and i really don't fill my A cups.

    Hah. Pammy Anderson... I was telling hubby that i wanted Pammy Anderson size and he cracked it.

    Do you get try on sample sizes in your initial consultation, which will show the end result? Because i'll ask for a C cup but then again don't know how big a C cup on me is because i've never been one.

    I'll have to pick your brain. We have to meet up again and let the kids play whilst we chat
    LOL I always check out other ladies boobies ( well the big ones anyway ) I think coz I never had any...

    I know 450 c is huge if you have boobs there to start with but I was left with saggy nipples it wasnt pretty...

    Yep you get to try before you buy they will put you in a crop top ( sports bra )and slot in a few diffrerent sizes and when your happy with the size the take a few photos, maybe you could see if it would be ok if you took a few photo's yourself ( well you mum could take them ) and that way you would be able to show your DH what the will look like and what size he is also happy with...

    we can defently catch up, maybe the 1st monday of the school hols at the norfolk park in Naree... I know you work so I can make it a weekend if you like... BHL has just left today so have the next two weekend free, so just let me know what suits you.... That also goes for anyone else who might want to check them out... Could just see the car crash we might couse if the bloke's driving by saw that a bunch of ladies checking out each others boobies

    I have had plenty of ladies poke them in the past so it really doesnt bother me... ( LOL thats sound really bad but I am quite easy going when people get to know me it just in the first few times people meet me that I am super shy )

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    LOL. We would not only cause a few car accidents but may be a few erections too!

    I'll be away at Easter, but definitely catch up either this weekend coming or next. I'll PM you. If the weather is bad we can take the kids to an indoor playcentre in Hallam.

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