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Thread: Can anyone suggest any proven ways for weight loss?????

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    Juliet Guest

    Default Can anyone suggest any proven ways for weight loss?????

    Hi everyone, I have been really obsessed with my weight problem. I am a 33 year old female and have gained 90lbs which makes the count to 210. I recently took out some of my summer clothes and they don?t fit me anymore!!! This is a real tragedy for me. How can I not wear the ones I adore...moreover the new look is getting me mad (with the comments from my friends). I know quite a few ways to start losing weight??.but I don?t really feel that, with so many people failing using these methods that I will make it through. Does anyone know a proven way to reduce the weight?

    Please help me?..this is killing me!!!

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    slyder Guest


    Yep, I can give you a rock solid, iron-clad guarantee about a method to lose weight.

    Your daily energy output must be greater than your daily energy input. It's that simple. So this means plenty of good healthy food in reasonable servings, and plenty of exercise - anything which gets your heart beating faster than at rest, whether it's walking, jogging, swimming, whatever.

    Ignore the fads, diets, miracle cures etc, and just stick to that plan. Guaranteed results.

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    It Took Me Ages To Lose Weight After Having Jesabell But The Secret With Me Was Eating Smaller Meals And Drinking So Much Water And Just Putting Jess In The Pram And Going For A Walk .i Agree No Diet Works Just Healthy Eating And Exercise .
    Good Luck

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    I've just lost a little over 6kgs in a week doing Cohens. It is the best thing I have found as it is a realistic diet for me because I am eating food, not drinking shakes or taking pills, and the weight comes off quick which is exactly what I needed.

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    in theory its actually very basic.... start moving and eat less... but in practice its often ALOT harder....

    i agree with the others, its not about diets, its about changing your lifestyle... buying healthier alternatives, no more drive thru's, eating breakfast, eating fruit and veg, no fruit juices and soft drinks, its about education and learning whats high in calories and whats not... just because it says 99% fat free certainly doesn't mean its not going to help you stack on the kilos if you eat it....

    first id be going on the net and working out how many calories your body needs in a day just to function... then either try to consume less than that (the result will be you lose weight) or alternatively, you can consume more but you then need to EXERCISE so that you burn calories off, so overall you've created a deficit.

    try calorieking if you want to understand how it works more.

    but in short, start moving and eat less!
    and no, i don't practice what i preach, i really struggle... ive just started hypnosis to try to control my appetite and the fact that i eat for the sake of it, not because im hungry.

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    Hey hey, PM me and I can send you a link that will help you. I used this method to get control of my weight before it got out of hand.

    It costs nothing and it's all about you.

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    well i have seen the tony ferguson diet work wonders on my sisters mother in law!!!!

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    kodie Guest


    I have had success in the past with Weight Watchers and also had friends that have found weight watchers to be helpful.

    The good thing about weight watchers is that it will help you kick start and understand portion control, healthier eating and exercise - so that you can continue on making it jus part of life and no longer a diet.

    Good luck

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    Enchanted Guest


    Weight watchers is great and I am on Tony Ferguson at the moment. I have found it is what I need to kick start my weight loss. It has tought me to appreciate food a lot more and I now look at everything I eat. I have tried SOO many diets and none of them worked but only because I never stuck to them!! Once I was in the right frame of mind there is no stopping me and I have lost 4kgs in 2 weeks and I feel great!!

    It really depends on your lifestyle as to what you decide to go with. I know how hard it is though to just eat healthy.

    Good luck with it all

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    I absolutely agree with the comments about eating less and exercising. For me the only way I can effectively shift kgs is to exercise. Also weight training is really good for losing weight. Sounds crazy I know but it's true. You won't end up looking like Arnie I promise!! Building muscle mass burns fat and when you have muscles they burn fat for you even if you are watching telly! Do it wouldn't hurt to join a gym (but only if you WILL use it) A gym membership alone wont do anything!!
    Don't bother with fad diets, they may help you lose weight on the scales but it is usually water and muscle mass. Also when you stop the 'diet' you are going to quickly regain what you've lost and more. You need to change you eating and exercise habits to enjoy any lasting change.
    Don't be too hard on yourself. It takes 21 days to break an old habit and 45 days to establish a new one! Take it slowly. Aim for around .5-1kg and week (1-2.2lb)
    I find it very helpful to keep a food diary and have to show it to someone. (I feel embarrassed if I write down a whole pizza so I don't eat it!!!! However this only works if you are honest!)
    Aim to eat 5 small meals over the day instead of 3 large meals it will get your metabolism working better also helping to lose fat. Also drink plenty of water.
    Don't buy the things that you know you will eat cos they are there. I don't buy biscuits or chips etc for this very reason. If you must have chocolate or whatever your thing is, buy a small size and really savor it.
    If you stuff it up, don't worry, start again at the next meal. You can do it!
    Also do it for yourself. 'The only expectations worth living up to are your own'
    HTH and Good Luck

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