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    Just wondering if anyone has taken blackmores S.P.M.P Tablets to break up gallstones? I have a few small stones and want to get rid of the naturally, without having to drin oil!! LOL

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    smiles4u Guest



    I discovered 2wks before my bub was born that I had two gallstones.

    The pain went away the moment I gave birth & I was told by the OB & GP :doctor: "No need to take them out if they don't cause me pain".

    But, as I'm trying for another bub I have concerns about 'these' gall stones YET I don't want them out surgically

    I'm curious where you heard about this method & does it have a high success rate in removing them ??

    ... Also hate to ask a silly question BUT what does S.P.M.P stand for ??

    Thanks heaps, & sorry I wasn't able to help you with YOUR QUESTION

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    They are blackmore tablets recommended to me by our local health care shop. I really don't know what the letters stand for either. I get pain regularly since having my second baby, i get a liver condition while pregnant so that is also connected to the gallstones. Since having baby #2, my gallstones have been terrible. I am just trying to get rid of them the natural way

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    Default gall stones

    Hi - I see that these posts are a year old, but wondring if anyone has had success with natural healing for stones. I've been dealing with them for 3 years now, and have recently begun taking herbal remedies. I haven't had any recent attacks. I'd like to know how you're doing.

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    Hi, I never took the blackmores tabs, but found artichoke oil caps to be really helpful.
    At first I took them with every meal, then only with fatty meals like fish and chips or curries, and now. Don't need them at all unless I really over do it
    Hth x

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