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Thread: Hayfever.... Ahhhhh chooo!

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    Default Hayfever.... Ahhhhh chooo!

    I am hoping some of you lovely BB ladies and gents have some ideas for me!

    I get REALLY bad hayfever! I am currently taking Avil tablets but I find they make me WAAAAY too tired. Apparently I am not allowed to take anything else as I am bfing. I have tried the nose sprays and they didn't work for me

    Is there anything else that I might be able to try? I am willing to give anything a go!


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    i take polaromine and i'm bfing. it's the only thing that does the trick for me. i had it really bad last night.

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    Long shot but apparantly honey that is sourced within 8 kms of where you live can help- it has anti-histamines in it - worth a try! Not sure if you can get locally sourced honey but it might help. There also a bunch of natural remedies that you can use - I will pm you the link!

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    My sister works in a pharmacy and said that Claratyne (sp?) is the only thing you can use - which i did because mine was just so bad. Otherwise, have you thought about going to a natropath?

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    Pharmacists (sp?) drive me mental! One told me I could take Claratyne and then 2 told me I couldn't! Far out! Well it's seeming as though the first one was right.... looks like I am heading down to the chemist and getting some Claratyne

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