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Thread: When was the last time you had a pap smear?

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    There is no reason you can't have a pap smear when pregnant - it's just that GPs are nervous about doing them.

    I hadn't had a pap smear for about six years and my GP refused to do one saying it could harm the baby. I also asked if there was any treatment they could do if the result came back abnormal and she again said no so I thought "well what's the point in getting a test done, running the risk of an abnormal result and then freaking out for the rest of the pregnancy but not being able to do anything about it."

    Anyhow, this is all got resolved when I went to see my lovely ob/gyn.

    He set me straight, said there was no risk to the baby and said, "well, we might as well do one today then Fiona, what d'you reckon?" In addition, he said there were lots of things that could be done to manage cervical cancer/other abnormalities whilst pregnant.

    So all over in 5 mins. Results normal which meant I could relax for the rest of my pregnancy.

    So if you're pregnant, I recommend seeing an ob/gyn rather than a GP because they are less likely to be nervous which means you're less likely to be worried about the procedure too.

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    come on ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!, pap smears are easy after the poking and prodding of having IVF treatment and having a baby LOL!!!!!!! I have NO modesty left after so many FET's and internal scans

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    Thanks for the info, Fionas.

    I'm due for mine and I expected one when I first went to confirm my pregnancy at the doctors, but I didn't get one. But my next OB appt I'll be getting one, he said last time. I'll be like 20wks.

    I was begining to worry that there were risk to the baby or something.


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    I had one every yr in Feb but couldnt this Yr so will have to wait till bubs is born.

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    I had my first one ever in November 2006. So due again this November.

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    Pap smears are definately fine during pregnancy! i had THREE while pregnant with DS. Have had 1 so far with this pregnancy and another one in 2 months and then hopefully not until after the birth.

    I agree they are horrid and unpleasant but nothing compared to the pain of going through cancer & treatment.

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    I agree MummaB. I've had some very uncomfy smears but i've also held my mum's hand while she died of cervical cancer. The few moments/hours of discomfort of a pap smear don't compare to the years of surgery and agony she endured before her death.


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