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Thread: 1 YO, not self settling

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    Default 1 YO, not self settling

    my DS is one, he doesnt self settle, hasnt eva done it, and i have been ok with cuddling and patting/stoking him to sleep.

    but soon, he wont fit ova my belly,

    i do not and will not attempt any type of CC, what could some techniques be that i could attempt?


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    I sit DS on my lap facing outwards with his dummy and blanky and then we watch a bit of tv or listen to music or I sing until he goes to sleep. If I time it right with his sleepy signs it doesnt take long.
    Otherwise you could get some things for his cot like a lullaby machine that projects light onto the the ceiling. That will put DS to sleep as well although we have used it for so long he only needs the music now.

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    why dont you put him down on a matress on the floor and sit or lay beside him then pat his back etc. that works for us.

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    Further to what Krysalyss said, Maddie got a fisher price soother that attaches to the cot for chrissy. I find if I put that on for her, she will watch it and eventually drift off. Its a life saver.

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    Sleeping Like a Baby by Pinky McKay and the Science of Parenting by Margot Sunderland have some great long term strategies that work
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    Hmm my 1 yr old doesnt settle himself either....i just hold him and watch tv and pat his bum softly till he drifts off

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