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Thread: 7 month bub not settling anymore!!

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    Default 7 month bub not settling anymore!!

    Hi there,

    The last couple of days my baby girl has been acting differently. Normally she settles herself to sleep in her cot, with me going in once before she falls to sleep. The last couple of nights she has been impossible and it has taken ages to get her to sleep. It is like she is crying in pain and that she just wants me to hold her. She hasn't got teeth yet so maybe it is that but I am not sure!

    She is breastfed and has been on 2 solid meals a day for about 3 weeks. I was thinking she might have a tummy ache but I am not sure what food would have upset her!

    I feel pretty confused as I thought she was in a good routine. It has totally changed now though!

    I have had to give her Children's panadol a couple of times which has helped her. I don't really like to give her medication but it was my last resort!

    Any similar experiences or advice as to what I could do to make my baby girl happier???

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    is she almost crawling??? often bubs have a fussy phase prior to major milestones such as crawling, walking

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    Hi firstbub

    My 4-month-old has recently had a similar phase and woke up three times the other night but wasn't hungry and just wanted me to hold her. So I've put one of my worn t-shirts in with her and that seems to have worked a treat (fingers crossed). The last two nights she's been back to her 12 hour sleeps. So perhaps give that a shot.

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    She could very well be teething, my DS1 had very unsettled nights when he was teething. It would usually last 2-3 nights until a tooth broke the surface. Hopefully that's all it is and she will be back to her happy self shortly

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    This sounds very similar to DS when he is about to get a tooth. I don't feel great about giving him medication either but every time I have given it to him it has settled him right down. I am thinking that if nothing else has worked and the panadol has then he must have been in pain. And within 2 - 3 days there is a little toothypeg there for me to adore.

    Interesting to hear that they get a bit fussy just before a major milestone. DS has been driving me nuts lately and just the last few days he has been trying to crawl.

    I hope she settles back to being herself for you real soon.

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    It's the phase. Daniel had exactly the same thing. I was getting up to him every hour and trying to console him. I was getting terribly skitchy because I wasn't getting anything that even slightly resembled a decent sleep.

    Then, one night, he slept all night. Didnt get any teeth at that stage, but was just going through a phase. I noticed it coincided with his wonder week - which I told my husband but he thinks the ww's are a load. I don't.

    Is your baby anywhere near a ww?

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    Thank you all for your advice. Can anyone tell me what the wonder weeks are?? By the way my bub still has no teeth so I am thinking it is a growth spurt or phase. I am really looking forward to getting some proper sleep!!

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    The same thing has been happening with Oscar. He has settled himself since 2 months and just the past week he ahs been a nightmare to get to sleep. It takes forever!!! I mean at least half an hour each time. He has just started rolling so I am wondering if it may be a ww for us?!?

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