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Thread: How did you teach your child....

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    You know my troubles with Blakey hun, and he will come good, sometimes the needes can just knock him around a bit. He is learning so much now, he is probably just wanting to explore the world a little. Frustrating for us as mum's, but wonderful for the bubs

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    Awwww those nasty needles. they can knock bubbs about.

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    Hi Amelia!

    Rochelle self's settles now and I encouraged her as soon as I could. I always put her in her cot when she was sleepy but before she was asleep. I think she is too young to let cry, so if she cried I would go back in and soothe her in her cot. If she was still whinging, I would pick her up and soothe her in my arms (didn't happen very often) - soon as she was nice and relaxed again I'd pop her back in bed, stroke her face then walk out. Funnily enough we never really had a problems getting her to do it, probably because it's all she's ever known? If she won't go down, I personally with Ro know that something is wrong whether it be wind or whatever the reason. If by the off chance she won't self settle (which does happen from time to time) I don't force her to and will help her fall asleep. Many people might critise me for encouraging her to self settle when she is so young - but it works for us and I'm the one with the baby that I just pop into a cot and she puts herself to sleep without any dramas for day sleeps and at bedtime.

    I read about sleep associations too and I have noticed that basically soon as I pop Rochelle in there now, she starts falling asleep. I actually think it helps her to sleep through the night too - i've seen her wake a few times and she just stares until she falls back to sleep.

    One of the disadvantages of self settling we have found though... She finds it hard to sleep when where out because she's used to the sleep association of the cot.

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    Amelia, Oskar has only recently really started to self settle himself back to sleep. He usually still feeds himself to sleep but then mostly will self settle if he wakes before he's ready to. Just go with it hun, it will continue to change for a little while, once you're used to one routine they mix it up on you again!! I did use the HAB for ages just so I could get dinner ready and do washing!!

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