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Thread: How do I find a "gentle" helper?

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    Default How do I find a "gentle" helper?

    Hi girls
    Not sure where to post this.
    My 9 month old daughter has bad reflux and screams a lot, day and night, and is typically up screaming for 2-4 hours a night at the moment. We are still trying to sort out the medical side of things but I am absolutely exhausted and keep getting sick (picking up every bug that goes round and then usually mastitis to top it off!)

    We don't have any family support and with the hours hubby works he does the best he can to help but he is just not around much. Because she is pretty hard work I don't like to ask friends. I'm ready to hire help eg a mothercraft nurse to give me a break but I want my helper to support gentle parenting techniques - I can't bear the thought of someone not hugging her when she cries.

    How do I go about finding someone? All the ads I've seen are for people who push routines and "controlling" your baby.
    Any suggestions much appreciated.

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    I feel for you, Tiggy - may sweet sleeps be on the horizon for all.

    Where's Mrs Doubtfire when we need her (er - him)???

    Perhaps if you advertise specifically for a carer committed to Gentle Parenting/Guidance, you'd narrow it down.

    Mmmm I remember how exhaustion triggers mastitis. It's tough for your baby to be in pain and hard for you to watch her in pain, I really hope there's a resolution soon and in the meantime, you sure do deserve a helping hand.

    I hope the right person comes to you soon. Perhaps you can advertise here at BB? There are doulas who specialise in post-natal support, who I'm sure would love to help.
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    what about a doula? i know pinky has lots of suggestions or kelly would be able to give you some names? not sure but i know that there philosophies are gentle.

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