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Thread: Safe co-sleeping techniques?

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    Default Safe co-sleeping techniques?

    Hi everyone

    My dd stella is almost 6wks old and although she goes to sleep in her bassinet (in our room) after her early morning feed I usually wrap her up and pop her in our bed,lying next to me,on her back but with my arm under her head (hope that makes sense!). I really enjoy doing this and we both get abit more sleep but I just wanted to make sure I am doing this safley? What is the safest way to co-sleep?

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    thanks kelly

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    Trust yourself, Ness there is no need to get flustered if you realise that bubs is under the duvet and next to you, or on her side etc. The biggest contraindications to co-sleeping are the use of consciousness-altering drugs (legal or illegal), smoking parent/s and obesity. Us humans have been doing it for millenia and we've made it to the 21st Century

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