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thread: Gestational Diabetes General Chatter #1

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    JJ Guest

    Gestational Diabetes

    Hi there people! I am new to Belly Belly. I had GD with my third pregnancy but not with my first two. I also have IGT (impaired glucose tolerence) or pre-diabetes as it is known to some people. Both of my paternal grand-parents have diabetes (insulin controlled) as well as my father. Our youngest darling is 10 months old, and when I had the test with her my blood sugars went up and I had a lot of trouble getting them back down again. On top of that my waters broke at 31 weeks and I ended up in Melbourne where they put me on insulin 3 times a day. I found it very hard to control my diet with the food that was on offer. We are now 9.5 weeks along with number 4 and I am very concerned about having the test and my blood sugars going up and staying there! Does anyone have any suggestions that may help?

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2005

    Hi JJ,
    God I'd give my left arm if i could help. All i can do is empathise. i'm ttc no 3. Had gd with both previous and had my babies at 34 weeks because of a liver condition that i have and also the size of my babies. I am also very worried about having the glucose tolerance test/challenge test. as i was very unwell when i had to drink the stuff last time. I had a friend with me , but fainted. I'm terrified i'll do a repeat performance . Because its a real out of body thing. you just feel like you totally have no control.i'm wondering if you can remember how far along you are when they make you do it?I was thinking about 18/20 weeks?I guess if i can be of any help at all, it would be to say distract yourself,about worrying about it because they say stess ups your blood sugars. I know easier said then done;but maybe find something you love doing and do lots of it..


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    JJ Guest

    Gestational diabetes

    Hi pollyanna,
    Thanx for the advice. Seems that I will have selling a house and trying to buy another to distract me......what fun!! I think they told me that I will have to go for the test around the 28 week mark. That's when I had it last time and my waters broke at 31 weeks, putting me in hospital for 2.5 weeks before our daughter was born. I am doing my best to stay positive for the babies sake and for the rest of the family. The doctors have also recommended that I try and take things easy from around the 5 month mark. Thank god for good friends. All the best with ttc, I hope that all goes well for you and your family.


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    BellyBelly Member

    Oct 2004
    WA y WA y A WAy

    hi all
    a little back ground i had GD with my second Pg with daily insulin injections

    i offically found out yesterday that all my low GI eating and doing the right things didn't pay off for me this time and i failed my 2nd GTT miserably i am so dissappointed in myself and my body right now :fuming: so here we go on the round about again i started taking my BSL's yesterday lunch time and i have to monitor these for a week and then back to the hospital to see if insulin will be the go so that about it

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Apr 2005

    Awww hun ... don't be disappointed in yourself As you said yourself, you did all the right things ... there was nothing else you could have done to have a different outcome.

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    Susanne Guest

    I gave birth on 03.03.03 to Saffron Pixie Avis Heawood-Moore. My cesarean date was moved forward as my GD became uncontrollable. When I had my insulin, I would have a hypo. When my insulin dose was reduced my sugar levels went through the roof. In the end it was just a game of catch up which I was losing. What really upset me to know was that when I had a hypo - which feels bloody awful - my baby would feel it too. When I found that out I felt bad as I did not want the cesarean date to be brought forward and was lobbying the obst. for this not to be the case. At least I made it to 37 weeks. The only reason why I had a cesarean was that my previous birth resulted in obstruction and an emergency cesarean. Without my herstory I could have given birth naturally, induced or otherwise.
    The light at the end of the tunnel (he he he) is that after I gave birth the GD disappeared. Thank the holy goddess.

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    butterfly_kisses1 Guest

    hi guys
    im new here
    and i just found out i have gd i was devastated cause i didnt have it with my first pregnancy. but at least i dont have to change my diet yay
    so, so far things are going great
    luv k

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    skorpy Guest

    Hi there.

    I was in the same boat as you,i never had Gestational Diabetes with my first pregnancy and he weighed 6lb 10oz.

    In my second pregnancy and after having the usual Glucose test i was upset to also find i was diagnosed with it at around 24 weeks pregnant.luckily it wasnt bad enough that i had to use insolin and it was controlled by diet and had to stab my finger everyday 3 times a day to monitor my blood sugar.I was induced a week early because of the size of my baby and me only being 5ft 4,it was taking its toll on me.I had a girl who was 8lb 14 nearly 9lb,so if i went full term,she would have been even bigger.I have been tested again and waiting on the results

    I know how you guys feel/felt...but as long as our babies are healthy,thats all that matters

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    BellyBelly Member

    Dec 2004
    Laa Laa Land

    Hi all,

    I have just been diagnosed with GD... I am 30 weeks pg, and have to see dietitian, and check BSL a few times a day starting from next week...

    Can you guys tell me what you usually eat for Breakfast, lunch and dinner,... and a few snack ideas..

    Thanks heaps... looking forward to getting to know you all.

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    skorpy Guest

    Hi Mel

    I know how that feels in finding out for the first time.But it isnt as bad as you think. Just stay off the choc and sweet stuff also real fatty foods and you will be fine,it will prevent your baby in getting too big.The only thing i found good about having Diabetes was that i was induced a week early and could sort myself out for that day.

    But i found foods like fruit and fibre good for breakfast,i did have toast with a scrapping of butter on it. Fruit and vedge isnt a problem,just go easy on bananas and grapes,grapes has lots of sugar in them and bananas are worse they contain 3 different sugars..sucrose, fructose and glucose.For Lunch i had scrambled eggs and Ham or on dry toast. snacks inbetween you can get diet bars or fruit.And for Dinner i ate foods like jacket potato,boiled foods ,veg etc. I know how hard it is and i craved chocolate and it killed me.But i figured as long as the baby was healthy i had to do what i had to do.Plus if you stick to the controlled diet,you wont need to be put on insulin.

    This was in my last pregnancy and of course because of that i had to be tested for this pregnancy at 14 weeks and at that time was clear.I am being tested again next week,so im hoping all is fine...but iv become Big again all of a sudden,so im not sure what the result will be.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Dec 2004
    Laa Laa Land

    Thanks Scorpy... That helps...

    I am looking forward to making some of the lifestyle changes a permenent thing... It's all about making a healthier choice!

    I just want ice cream!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2005
    Langwarrin. Victoria

    Mel...did your doctor talk you about the GI of foods. This is a very important concept in treatment of diabetes especially when it is purely diet controlled. May I recommend you invest in the book called The New GI Revolution....it well tell you all you need to know and more plus it has a great section on menu planning and yummy recipes....you should be able to get it at most book stores....ice cream is not the no-no many people assume it is.......sugar is not necessarily your enemy....you will understand what I mean when you have a read. I hope this helps

    Melanie..... Insulin Dependent Diabetic for 27yrs

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    skorpy Guest

    Gestational Diabetes is different then having it in life permanatly

    My Aunt is Diabetic and so is my Husbands grandad and occasionally they can treat themselves to little nibbles of something sweet.

    But with pregnancy every little bit puts towards in your baby growing that little bit bigger faster then he/she should.Its a definate no no on eating anything too fatty or with any sugar in to be honest.I asked if i could have a nibble of a choc biscuit to my Doctor when i had Diabetes in pregnancy because i craved Chocolate and he said not really.Im not meaning to go over what you have said mel,just going by what i was told with do's and dont's. Every little bit of sugar will show up on the monitor we have to take everyday and when we log it down on paper the Midwifes/Doctors check it out and then there is a high chance of having to be put on insulin.Its very strict and to be honest annoying at times....just lucky most woman like myself get diagnosed it later in pregnancy so we dont have to put up with it for too long.Having gestational makes you realise what you guys who have it for life gos through,even tho because we had it in pregnancy we are told we may get proper diabetes later in life.
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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2005
    Langwarrin. Victoria

    Were you told this by a GP OB/GYN or by an ENDOCRINOLOGIST......information on this subject has changed so much over even the past 2-3yrs and many doctors who are not endos or diabetologists still go by the old school of management which basically bans all sugar. The GI approach which is the result of many years of actual scientific research not just previous theory that the simpler the carbohydrate the worse it is for you will teach you how to eat to smooth the curve of "glucose" uptake into the bloodstream which reduces the stress load on the pancreas. For example a banana actually has quite a high GI and is absorbed quite rapidly into the bloodstream creating those high sugars you talk about showing up on the monitor. Another example ...a boiled potato has a higher GI than most forms of chocolate and dark chocolate is actually low GI and an acceptable food for a daibetic where previously this wasn't thought to be so. There are o lot of threads on here that talk about it...I don't know how to post links but there was a good one in the general pregnancy discussion thread not so long ago. To correct your facts just a tad... fat delays digestion and actually lowers the GI of a meal (still is bad for you though...hehe) and Gestational Diabetes does not lead to "proper" diabetes in later life...it may lead to Type 2 Diabetes. It would be a very very rare occurence for it to lead to Type 1 being as type 1 is an auto immune disease much much rarer and serious than Type2.
    Btw are your Aunt and Grandad Type 1 or Type 2?

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    skorpy Guest

    My Aunt and Grandfather in law have Type 1. And the last time i had Gestational Diabetes was 2 years ago,so yea you could be right in the fact things may have changed and what i was told.I was also looked after by a diabetologists who i was refered too while having Diabetes.And she was very strict on my blood results i took ever day,so i did not dare eat anything i was told not too LOL. I was pretty good seeings i craved Choc because at the end of the day i had to think about the baby.

    But yea she also told me that later in life i COULD get proper Diabetes which i suppose she meant Type 1.Because i have it in the family too.But it also doesnt mean that because i had Gestational in my last pregnancy that i could get it again in this pregnancy,because this is my third pregnancy and i didnt have it in my first.I was near to being put on insulin at one stage,but i told them i would be strict with my diet and so i managed to stay off it

    Also boiled potato was fine for me and i knew Bananas had sucrose, fructose and glucose in them so stayed clear of them,same as grapes has sugar in too. I was ok on some fatty foods..just wasnt allowed mainly sweety thing ..chocs,sweets,biscuits,cakes ,sugar in hot drinks etc.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2005
    Langwarrin. Victoria

    Skorpy....I just relaise that you are from the UK...this could account a little bit for the different method of treatment. You see the Glycaemic Index of foods study was initiated in Australia and Canada and is now one of the most accepted treatment regimes combined with a thing called carb counting. It is also big in the US now but has been a bit slower filtering through to all the powers that be in the UK. This I know because I have abour half a dozen friends with Type 1 diabetes living in the UK at the moment...one of whom is pregnant at the moment. It is the most reccomended form of dietary advice given to help delay the onset/and orprogression of Type 2 Diabetes so it might be worth your while having a read of it...it really is very good. I know of several women here on belly belly who have PCOS and associated insulin resistance who follow the diet and find it very helpful...Bel is one person who comes to mind...she is now about 30 weeks pregnant and followed the diet from before pregnancy to aid in conception...she raves about it a bit like me. Anyways in case you and Mel09 are interested it is called "The New Glucose Revolution" by Professor Jennie Brand Miller et al.....ISBN 0-7336-1500-7. It is highly reccommended reading for all epople not just those at risk.....

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    abs Guest

    Mel09, just noticing your comment re wanting icecream, there is a low-carb/low-gi/low-fat but still good tasting icecream available

    We've just returned from a near 2 week roadtrip, so none left in the freezer at the moment... but it is available

    And I'll back MelBel's comments all the way - I've been a Type 1 Diabetic for over 33 years - though my control isn't as tight as Mel's, but I'm pretty good at guessing my BSL. My partner got GD whilst pregnant earlier this year

    Even Endo's don't get things right. Jen's Ob said "low-fat/sugar diet but go see Endo for more info"... Endo said "low-gi diet". My comment to em both was it should be "low-both" - both went "oh yeah"

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    skorpy Guest

    Well guys,I had a test done at 14 weeks and it was clear,had one done that early because of my last pregnancy and not finding out till i was 24 weeks gone.I got my Final Test tomorrow for Gestational so wish me luck and i will find out what the results are Thursday

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