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    Hi everyone, I am pretty new here but thought I would ask if anyones tests were similar to mine:

    Glucose Test (I think mine was about 8.5),
    GTT was 9.9 (1st hour) and went down to 3.0 (3rd hour).

    The Doc said that the GTT was fine, but advised me to slow down on my sugar intake (I have certainly gained a sweet tooth or 2!) otherwise my little boy may grow pretty big.

    But then I had a scan at 34 weeks and he was the perfect measurements and weight for his age. Doc said that he could still grow big in the next 6 weeks if I was to keep eating sugary things.

    So now I only have 2 weeks to go (!!!) and I have watched what I have eaten, but haven't been too overly concerned. I only just got registered onto BB, so I know that this is certainly late to be asking any questions!

    I just want to know if anyone out there has had similar reading to me, and still ate some sugary stuff and didn't have a large baby? Or did you cut out all sugar?

    Hope you could advise. Thanks.

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    Try not to stress, I am sure you will be fine. If you are dropping back to 3 at 3hrs post prandial you certainly don't have a problem metabolising the glucose. It certainly will not be affecting the size of the baby at this stage at those levels......watching what you eat can't hurt...we all eat too much 'rubbish' these days but you are right not to be overly concerned...sometimes doctors like to take a very aggressive approach some are more moderate...Enjoy your last two weeks of your pregnancy...I only pray my sugar levels are that good when I eventually get pregnant.


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