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Thread: Chrissy Pressie for DP??

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    Question Chrissy Pressie for DP??

    Im going christmas shopping a bit later on today, and im kinda stuck on what to get for DP!
    I was thinking a video camera, but, he is either asking his mum to get us one, or doesnt want one and would rather a new lense for his camera til bubby can walk when we will get a video camera.
    I was then thinking an ipod shuffle, the new ones, because he seems to want one lol...he has entered heaps of competitions to win one, but hasnt, and they are relatively cheap atm. So i might get him that...
    Im also getting him a "Dad" kinda book, a small pressie from our baby to him! (is that a bit...weird considering our baby isnt born yet??)
    But i also want to get him something else...but i dont know what. I feel like its there, under my skin, as to what i should get him, i just cant think of what! Something more meaningful kinda...

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Ohh and also, a 17 yr old boy...its my brothers Bday in like 5 days time, and then chrissy, so DP and i were talking about putting 70-90 dollars in each to get him something big as kinda a tied up bday chrissy present from both of us...any ideas on that one would be greately appreciated too...!

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    If you are thinking about a kids book about dad's there is a great on called My Dad by Anothy Brown and it is just the best book ever (he has also written My Mum and My brother as well as others) My DD got it for Dh for his first Fathers Day.

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    My DP's birthday is 5 days before chrissy, and HATES with when people get him combined presents...

    i got mine his fave cologne, which we cant afford to buy normally. So i got a gift pack for chrissy. He's been talking about getting a new BBQ, so for his birthday i got him the Ralph BBQology book.

    we're ust doing a small chrissy this year, moneys too tight to buy lots, unfortuneately.

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    Butterfly_Princess Guest


    My bro prefers joint pressies, means he gets bigger and better lol!
    DP has his fave colognes already and enough of them!

    I was thinking of getting the book "So your going to be a dad" for DP from Isabell...he said he wanted it, and i was looking at it the other day and it seems pretty good, explanatory but in a fun way but ill look at your suggestion Ali, i might change my mind or i could even get both!!

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    Meg - "So you're going to be a dad" is great, I got it for my DF.

    SOme funky pressies at the mo (if he's a handyman) are ... electronic stud finder ... or a laser "tape measure". I saw the latter on better homes & gardens, am getting one for my DF!

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