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Thread: Crafty XMAS Project Ahead!

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    Talking Crafty XMAS Project Ahead!

    No replies needed, just wanted to share!

    So i have FINALLY got around to doing something i have been going to do for years (and years and years... taking over from mum who was going to do it years before that...) and i am so very excited by it!
    I haven't done too much in the way of crafty and fun in a long, long time (even when i was at home with younger brothers i did a lot of woodwork sort of stuff), so i am really looking forward to feeling like i have achieved it!

    Anyhow, to the point, i am making advent calendars. Years and years ago, i would have been ten or so i think, mum wanted to make home-made calendars so they could be re-used ever year and hang like the chrissie stockings do. So i decided i'm going to do it as my brothers' Christmas pressies this year.
    They are getting a little too old for it, but as mum is expecting the twins (yep, one each for them too), and they'll be at home for at least another three and eight years, they may as well have one too! Aaaand, i'm making one for little jellybean and because DF is such an excited little boy about Christmas i decided i would make him one too. I think he'd have been angry if i didn't... and he'll be more exicted than my brothers will too!

    Although i have to say, even though i had NEVER EVER seen anything like this before, last night i was at coles and i saw some similar to what i want to make! i was so deflated i almost gave up on ym idea then and there!!! But i decided mine will be way more awesome and so i'm sticking to it. I'll be sure to attempt to post photos when i've finished.

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    Yes, pictures when you're done definitely They might become an heirloom....

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