thread: How much do you spend for Christmas?

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    Oh wow, I have only spent about $100 on DD, probably not even that much. She's not going to remember any of this..... she's going to be 8months old she's not going to remember anythign! She'll get spoilt rotten by nanny and aunts and uncles, so she will get way too much regardless of how stingy I am! I don't want her to get used to getting alot anyway, she doesn't need it all.

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    Oct 2007


    I have spent about $400 on my little zakky! and that doesnt include the huge trampoline we have on layby!
    I have only brought baby xander 1 present so far and that was $30....its soooo hard to buy for little babies! They cant tell you what they like or what they want. I havnt got DP a pressie yet. Im thinking i'll get him a mobile phone. He works construction so hes always stuffing his phones up. I need to find a heavy duty one!

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    Wow oops I think we over did it,lol. Aww and I wanna get her more..no wonder people keep telling me she is going to be a spoilt brat!!

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    lol linz - we dont buy cody any toys or anything throughout the year except her bday so i guess thats why we buy her alot for chrissy.... plus the things we bought her will last her for years

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    We spend about $250 on the girls and less on Riley cause he is too little to appreciate or need much! I have bought him more stuff than last year cause he was only 7 months then and his stuff was more for the older kids to see than actually for him LOL
    I spend about $50 each on other family members but we only have a small family (Dad, brother, SIL, niece,MIL, FIL) I tend to spend $20- $30 on friends.

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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    way too much, I fear calculating it & I dont..
    I buy stuff for them at sales throughout the year, nothing is full price & lots of clothes too.. 1 of Zy's presents has been in garage since boxing day last year as it was 75%off so I raced in& grabbed one at the sales!!!!!!!!!

    I know I have a problem, but... nevermind

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    I have to say Rolymogs that we are the same in regards to monetary value. We don't buy things because they are the big expensive toy for the year, but because they are what Zander would enjoy. To be completely honest, he would be happy with half a dozen new matchbox cars and nothing else!! I tend to buy quite a few things because his birthday is so close to Christmas & we don't buy any presents through the year so they have to be things that will last him through until the next year IYKWIM.

    I don't have a budget for family, I just get what I think. Most people are getting homemade goodies this year, but I really want to get my mum a tree so spent $86 on that. Absolutely definitely the thought that counts here because there is no way we could afford to be spending even around $50 on each person.

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    wow, I have to say I was surprised at some of those amounts spent!

    We usually don't spend much at xmas, we haven't bought DD present yet but prolly be $100 max. Df and I don't spend alot on each other either. With family we usually do some sort of KK so everyone is forking out for everyone.

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    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Oh I dont match like if I spend a certain amount on 1 or the other!???

    I buy what that child will get use out of! Maddy is getting an Ipod thingy,books & clothes...

    Indah is getting a Tricycle (but 1 that is unisex so it will get used by Zyon in a few yrs too) plus a sandpit, books & clothes..

    Zyon is getting a thiung that bubs can stand in & bounce & play with stuff all around him & clothes...

    I buy clothes on line from O/S as I like my kids to be different & have stuff that not every other child in their age group has IYKWIM!

    For Dh I grabbed a new Harley Skull half face mask for on the bike, 2 tops & a pair of shoes
    for both of us I grabbed a ceiling fan for over our bed & a Tv/DVD combo for our bedroom!

    We also do $75 on a family member each!

    Plus KK for the kids at both familly Xmas parties & I spent about $20 on each!

    I grabbed myself some new Scotch glasses & wrapped them up & a pair of things LOL

    We dont spend much on ourselves at all during the year & not often the kids get stuff either other than b'days!

    But over the Xmas holidays we always do outings too like Zoo, Museum, Fairy park, Beach etc!!!

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    May 2005
    Good ole NZ !!

    I have probably spent about $150 on alexa..., about $30 on the bigger boys (they got stuff brought back form oz in october) & about $20 on each nephew...

    We used to go nuts on Xmas but the money just isnt there anymore & where do you draw the line...

    I thing as they get bigger they expect more each year & then it gets really expensive!!!!!

    We tend to do bigger things for birthdays but not Xmas...

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    Mar 2005
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    last year we didn't buy anything for Archie as our family spoilt him with heaps of toys, plus he was only 7 months old.

    this year i have spent about $80 on him, got a matchbox car, a book and a car garage thingy.

    DH and I aren't exchanging pressies as we have a HUGE pile of bills to get through over the next couple of months.

    We have a family KK, so each of us spends $30.

    in my family we have all agreed not to buy each other a gift as none of us can really afford it, we'd rather spend our money on grog and yummy food.

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    Yeah i have to say for the rest of the family we don't buy presents for. Just my 3 nephews which is no more than $20 each, less if I can get away with it !!

    We used to do a KK for the family, parents, SIL etc, but then decided my grandma really needs it more being on a pension, so now we all just buy something small for her and nothing for each other.

    Next year my boys won't be getting a joint present, as we have already decided that they are getting new mattresses for their beds. Their current ones are the ones Andrew and I had when we lived with our respective parents. Ashton will get his new bed & mattress for his Birthday when he turns 2 next October.

    They are only getting the PC cause they one they had in there finally gave up the ghost after 8 or 9 years. We have had the PC for about 6mths already, and it is in a box covered in blankets in Ashton's room.


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    Sep 2006
    Dandy Ranges ;)

    We spend about $20 on each of DF's neices/nephews.

    Pip I think we'll spend about $100 on - a pool, some balls and an extension for his playpen.

    DF I don't know how much I'm spending, I want to pick him up an electronic stud finder and electronic measuring tape.

    And my parents I'm really splurging on, getting them a "navman"-type gizmo cause they keep getting lost driving from Brissie to Melbourne. And I'll download some songs for mum & put them on there.

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    we have spent $300 so far, i also ahve a layby which need to be picked up (around $90) and we also want to get her a flip out sofa ($90 on sale)

    i dont mind spending a lot, as we cant afford to buy a lot of things mid year, i like to make sure he has interesting things to play with, oh and ill get her some clothes, that goes without saying tho, she is in between size one and 2 at the moment, so i'll just get size to, even if they are a little big for her just yet

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    DS this year i think ive spent about $150 (with alot of bargins! hehe).. and DH is about $80. With the rest of my family, we're giving our parents a heap of photos framed we got done and then we just buy for the kids, so nephews and neices are about $15-20 each.

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    Aug 2006
    On the other side of this screen!!!

    When people question me on how much I've spent, I tell them I HAVE to spend that much because all our family is interstate and DD isn't likely to be as spoilt by them because of that.
    Yep I tend to get more things for this reason than we do when we're 'back home'.

    This year Santa's spending $200 on a trampoline which is by far the biggest christmas purchase ever. Usually spend upto about $150 on DD1, although I'm pretty thrify and buy throughout the year when I find bargains so it always looks a lot more than I've actually spent. Especially weak when it comes to books... In the early years I mostly spent no more than $50 or $60 but always managed to have some nice things under the tree so it's not always about how much cash you splash, KWIM?

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    DS is 3 and cos we are expecting in may i figured this was his last christmas as an oly child so i went over board- i've spent about $700 on him and i'm not done- i cant help myself and he only just had his B'day on 16th November.

    Christmas is the time were we get to spoil him.


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