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Thread: Airline experiences - what do you get for your money + buying online

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    Smile Airline experiences - what do you get for your money + buying online

    Firstly, before a few of you get excited, we are not going anywhere, YET, you know our money side of things, BUT we always do something for our anniversary so its a long way way yet. Feeling a bit down at the moment

    Ive looked online to see tickets etc and work out the price range and am a little confused by all the different types

    Saver Promo
    Prem. Economy

    Red- e deal
    Super Saver
    Flexi Saver
    Fully flexible
    Business - I

    Do I need to read through each airline to what we are going to get with the flight etc ? uhh..thought this would be a quick 5min look online

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    With most airlines the cheapest deals are the ones you book early and lock in - so the saver promo and light. If you book them usually you can't change the date/time without paying extra to do so.
    The e-deal is an online only price
    Flexible means you can make changes to the ticket but if you get a more expensive ticket you might have to pay the differace.
    Prem. economy is virgin's version of business class - it's jsut a marketing thing. On any other airline they would call it business but virgin makes a big thing about low prices so it calls it's business premium economy.
    Basically business is just a bigger seat and a slightly larger drinks menu. Some airlines will arrange transport to and from you home/hotel with business and you get access to the business lounge if they have one in that airport.

    So the main differance in everything except business and premium economy is the terms and conditions. The cheaper the ticket is the less choices you have in terms of changes which is fine if you're sure of dates.

    ETA - Jet Star is a bit dodgy because they quote OS ticket prices with taxes so you think it's a great deal until you click through to the pay now page and realise that it's not so great after all.

    I just got an email from Jetstar to say they have a members only offer coming up. These are usually great value if you can get online and book in the 10 minutes before they sell out. you'll need to sign up to jetmail to access it.

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    If you are talking about domestic travel then in a nutshell the cheaper the ticket the more restrictive it is (is non-refundable, fees for changes etc). The more expensive the ticket the more flexible it is (changes may be permitted without fees and some are even refundable). You really just have to read through the fare rules at time of booking and ask yourself how likely it may be that you need to change or cancel your plans. Personally Virgin Blue are a more people friendly airline, Jetstar treat their passengers as a number and they have a very 'we don't care' attitude (well that's been my experience anyway).

    Good luck and have a good time where ever you decide to go.

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    Summer, from what I understand, light means hand luggage only, saver-promo and e-deal are short time only promotion special deals, then the next category is a restrictive fare (ie penalty for changing dates etc), then the most expensive is the changeable one. It's so confusing isn't it!

    When you book a flight, the terms and conditions for the fare you choose are displayed, you should read them then so you don't get caught out (you can still back out at that stage too).

    Best of luck with it, I hope you find somewhere exciting to go and nice cheap fares to get there.

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