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    I am taking my lovely baby and toddler to Brisbane in the coming weeks and i wanted to know if anyone has any handy tips, suggestion for the flight. I am taking my toddlers fav teddy and book and plenty of snacks, but just thought someone might have some handy ideas... Its a Sydney to Brisbane flight.

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    We've done the Sydney to Brisbane flight a few times now. It's not very long so you shouldn't have too many dramas.
    Try and have some drinks and or chewy snacks on hand for the ascent and descent because it helps with their ears. Also try and breastfeed or bottle feed your baby during ascent and descent for the same reason.
    If you can get a window seat for your toddler looking at the view might be interesting for them for a few minutes but without a cushion or car seat they probably won't be able to see it.
    If you're hiring a car at the other end and have some help with luggage taking your toddler's car seat can be a help because your toddler is probably used to the idea of sitting still in the car seat.

    Try and relax because if you're stressing your children will pick up the vibe. If you give yourself plenty of time you'll probably be less stressed. I've found that it takes a bit longer to negotiate airports with littlies.

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    My friend took her then 10mth old from Melb to Sydney, she said she was great until the plane took off & landed ... Yeh, I agree with DACHLOSTAR in popping something in the toddlers mouth to chew on at those times

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    If you have a sling or carrier of some sort for bub it will be an absolute lifesaver and pack as lightly as you can, there is nothing worse than having an overstuffed nappybag on a crammed little plane. Also don't hesitate to ask the assistants to help you on and off the plane if you need it, or if the toddler will stay with an attendant if you need to change nappies ect, there is not much room in those toilets for a toddler, a change table and a mummy.

    Save a special toy or book just for the plane and have lots of dummies (if bub takes one) bottles or boobies at hand at take off and landing. You can also get lollipops to suck on at take off and landing for your older one.

    Have fun :-)

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