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    Ideas for Itinerary, London&surrounds

    OK, we're looking at being in London for about a week (at the most) in early Feb, on the way home from an Irish wedding and family 'tour' (starting in Dublin, going across to Mayo, down to Kerry, Cork, across Tipp [gotta take DS to the seat of his forefather high kings ], and back to Dublin again before heading to London). We'll most likely be staying with SIL's sister and BF in London and whilst DP is happy to just take in London, I wouldn't mind a few trips further afield to country areas - how easy is this to do by public transport?
    Actually, I had really wanted to see the Bronte parsonage whilst in the UK, but DP won't authorise any more time in the UK to make this possible!
    One day I will take one or all of my kids on a literary and historical tour of England *sigh*...
    So, could you suggest possible trips out of London, where it would be possible to get back in a day?
    A couple of nights in Amsterdam or Bruge could be very cool, too...I'll work on DP for that!

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    How about hopping on the Eurostar train across to France? We did it about 9 years ago and from memory it was only a few hours each way. Might be a bit much for 1 day with a little one though.

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    You could certainly get out to any one of the home counties and back in a day using public transport.
    If you only have a day the best option might be to join a day tour because instead of wasting time with connections and time tables they will take you there and back so you can see more. I've never joined one but I assume you get herded around like a mob of sheep and with an annoying guide it could just be painful not fun.
    These are some of the day tours from a company called Golden line
    Bath, Stonehenge, Salisbury and Magna Carta
    Windsor, Bath and Stonehenge
    Oxford, Stratford and Warwick Castle
    Leeds Castle, Canterbury & White Cliffs of Dover

    I don't know if any of these would be what you're into but it's just a sample. There are hundreds of tour companies based in London and one of them is sure to have an itinerary that appeals. Even if you prefer to go it alone having a look at the itineraries of these companies might give you some inspiration.
    Usually the Lonely Planet guide books have sections with suggested day tours etc. Maybe borrow one from your local library.

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    If you hire a car it is a lovely drive down to Kent and then you could drive in the tunnel all the way to France!! I would recommend Amsterdam, such a crazy beautiful place. So many places offer day tours you will have no trouble finding one and booking in when you are there.

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    Thanks girls! That's given me food for thought for when I eventually get a chance to hit my local library (damn assignment and exams!)...

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