thread: Suggestions for dealing with separation anxiety...

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    Suggestions for dealing with separation anxiety...

    I'm off with a friend for my long dreamed of trip to the UK & Ireland at the end of Easter 2008. Maddy is now 2 and will be staying home in Australia with Daddy for the three weeks I'm away.

    Aside from the usual guilt trips whenever I think of leaving her behind, it just wasn't realistic taking Maddy with me overseas even if we could afford it, nor is DH interested as he has gone overseas alot with his family during his teenage years.

    Given that we're now about three months out from our trip (I'm travelling with a childhood friend from school), I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to help their toddler deal with Mummy or Daddy being away for so long.

    Our biggest aim is to keep her life as normal as possible whilst I'm away. Going to daycare at the same time, Grandma/Nanny Kath/Aunty Le-le picking her up from daycare as per usual etc....

    I know I'm not the first person to go away without their child/ren (plenty of people do business trips), so does anyone have any suggestions? They'd be greatly appreciated!

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    Becka I don't have personal experience but my gf's DH travels with work and last year did a long trip away to US, India and UK.

    Her daughter (2.5) and her daddy did a special project and made a chart similar to a xmas advent calendar so that every day daddy was away they could open a window to check off the day. They put little chocs in the pockets and a picture or sticker so everyday was exciting. He also wrote her a letter before he left for every weekend he was away and her neighbour put it in the letterbox each monday. As well as the usual phone calls and stuff too.


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