Hey guys sorry if this is TMI but i had my implanon removed on saturday after having it in for a year and a half. I started on the pill on sunday and was on it for 2 days when i thought i started my period which is currently now 3 weeks late but theres no blood just this thick brown mucousy stuff kinda like the stuff you get right at the end of a normal period, Theres no smell i dont have any STDs no pain either and im not pregnant which im 100% on because i had a blood test done on friday and it was negative. I just want to know what this stuff is. is it normal? has anyone else had this after having implanon removed?

I stopped taking my pill because i figured i will start it when my period finishes but im not sure if im actually having my period and if i should start taking the pill again.
please help im awfully confused
Thanks guys
Have great day