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Thread: No synto drip in subsequent labours

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    Default No synto drip in subsequent labours

    I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago, and forgot. Having my OB appt yesterday reminded me.

    I was augmented with the drip with my first labour. I didn't have any problems with the drip and everything went smoothly, so I don't have issues with it. But I asked my OB some more about the risks of having the drip, and saying that I'd really like to avoid it this time round, wait a lot longer if my waters break again etc etc.

    Anyway, he said he doesn't use synto drip on subsequent labours because the risk is too high of rupture/bleed etc. He said if he does have to use it, he doesn't leave the room! (he said he's been told he is a very good midwife LOL.. he said 'I dunno if that's a compliment or not'.. and I said it definitely IS a compliment!) Anyway, is this common?? From what I've read people have inductions for more than one of their births.. so now I'm curious if the subsequent inductions included the synto drip or not?

    I was just surprised at his explanation, as I thought an induction was an induction regardless of what number birth it is.

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    I haven't heard it before either. Maybe the assumption is that subsequent births can be quicker and having syncto may make it happen a lot quicker? My only syncto induction was with #3 and no one said anything about not leaving me until I had the peth, as that can make it happen a lot quicker, but it might not have mattered to me as it was my first experience with syncto too.

    At least you know that he is prepared to let you go for longer with broken waters, if that was the case the first time, you may not have needed it then either kwim?

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    That is concerning to hear as when discussing the risks of having the drip with my second DS, the Ob didn't raise those concerns with me. My labour was fast and furious (about 2 hours) and my second stage was 9 mins!!! so it what Sherie said makes sense. I have my check up with my OB this week so I'll ask about it then.


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    That sounds strange. I would have thought the risk of rupture would be higher with the first birth (and since when has that ever stopped on Ob using it anyway)?
    Anyway, at 32 weeks it's a bit early to be talking induction isn't it!

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    There is a risk of rupture no matter what pregnancy you have it in, as well as increased risks of haemorrhage and epidural use. The cascade begins ....
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    Samantha, it was me that raised it, coz if my waters break in the early stages of labour like last time, I wanted to be clear that I wanted to be left as long as possible this time, and then he said that about not using it in subsequent labours anyway. *shrug*. At least it sounds like he's unlikely to use it anyway, so one less thing for me to worry about LOL.

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