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Thread: BF pain

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    Unhappy BF pain

    Hi - not sure where to post this so here goes. My DS is 15months old and is still. BFing only problem is he is now refusing all solids and wants to feed every 1 hour. The problem is I have a big blister on my left nipple and now there is dried blood aswell. he has all his teeth and besides not eating there is nothing wrong. I want to start weaning soon but dont know what to do please help anyone i am desperate

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    Sorry I have no advice but just wanted to say good on you for Bfing for so long thats a wonderful acheivement.

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    Personally I would refuse the breast until he eats... not meaning that to sound cruel but I mean.. Feed him when he wakes if thats what you normally do.. Then offer breakfast ect..

    At 15 months you can't reason but you can be firm.. My son fed till 21 months and some days he just fed off me but he would also eat

    As for the blister he might be sucking to hard so you may have to un attach him and reattach..

    Can't quite remember but i think they get lazy when feeding which causes poor attachment..

    I hope you can get it sorted out soon

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