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Thread: A breastfeeding support salute

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    Default A breastfeeding support salute

    I just wanted to salute my lovely husband, my father in law and some others for their recent support of ongoing BF'ing.

    The other week I was to do a 4 day 9-5 course in Melbourne. Ok, a little challenging, but doesn't sound too hard to arrange, right? Well, here's a few complicating factors.....

    Melbourne is 4 hrs drive away (5 with a baby), so we had to drive there the night before the course and head home after the last day of the course, two very long days. Oh, and peak hour traffic in the mornings of the course!
    My husband has broken his foot and is in a cast brace and on crutches, meaning he can't drive, can't do much around the house and with baby care, and can't walk far.
    Angus refuses to take a bottle, or cup, or spout cup, etc etc, either EBM or water. So no chance to just express and make life simple that way. And he hardly eats any solids at all, just not interested.

    Well, here's what occurred.

    My FIL drove 5 hrs to stay with us in Melbourne for 4 days to assist. I would feed Angus first thing, then we'd drive into the city (FIL would drive), then I'd feed him before going into the course at 9. FIL, Angus and Hb would then go home again, before doing the return journey at lunchtime (with poor broken husband carrying baby walking on broken foot), then back home again, then in to pick me up at 5. I'd feed Angus at 5pm before we left, then the usual at bedtime and 10pm. They did this for 4 full days, driving in and out 3 times a day, looking after him fantastically, washing clothes, etc etc. I could concentrate on my course knowing he was in good hands and would be back soon for a feed. The course organisers were also accommodating, offering an area for me to feed if I wanted privacy/fewer distractions, and the other course attendees thought it was great to see a baby coming in every lunch and leaving smiling and happy!

    All in all they really pulled out all the stops so I could complete the course and have no worries at all, what a great effort. So I salute you, my lovely husband, and my tireless and kind FIL. Thank you.

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    Oh, how wonderful of them both Feathertop! And you did a great job too, doing your course, feeding your baby. You are a shining example, well done

    I can sympathise with your DH, I broke my foot a week before DS was born! Not easy looking after a newborn when you've done that..........

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    What wonderful, supportive men

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    Thank you so much for sharing that beautiful story Feathertop. That is an awesome effort for you all - well done. You have really wonderful men in your life.

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