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Thread: can you overfeed a baby?

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    Default can you overfeed a baby?

    My baby is 9 weeks old, and I the impression I had from all the midwives i have talked to is that "you can't overfeed a baby". Then I was browsing a baby book in the bookshop (Jo Frost's I think) and it seemed to say that you could overfeed a baby, and that reflux could be a sign of this.

    My bub does get a few mLs of what I call "mucusy milk" coming back out of her mouth after most feeds. Is that a problem?

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    i would say you cant overfeed - what this is i reckon is your letdown might be a little fast and bub cant drink it as fast as it is coming out (esp at 9 weeks) and just letting a little out.
    THis is normal - dd did it most feeds - esp if feeding on side laying down.

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    I only think you have to watch the amounts of baby is formula fed.
    Most of them spew to some degree - sounds like you are doing a fine job.

    Why don't you go check out the baby buddies threads for others parents with bubbas the same age.

    Congratulations by the way!!!!

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    AFAIK you can't over feed a breastfed baby.
    Imran used to chuck up heaps but he was a happy chucker so it was never an issue.

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    I agree you cant overfeed your baby at 9 weeks. You are doing a great job hun.

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    DS used to have a little spew after both BF and FF. So i don't think it is a sign that you're over feeding.

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    There are some links on the ABA website behind the "breastfeeding information" tab called Too much milk, which deals with the issue of oversupply and fast let down, if you read it you might get an idea of whether this is a problem or not, and some tips to deal with it. HTH

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    I'd go with your midwives here - I don't think that particular author is into breastfeeding very much, and is not very knowledgeable about it.
    As other have said, it is normal for babies to have a bit of a spew - causes no problems except for having to clean up the mess

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