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Thread: 'Demand' feeding an older baby??

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    Update; still regular feeds for my 2yo... but the return to early morning snack feeds is getting to me... but he had a chest infection recently and I'm sure this is why he is doing it... he knows that his body needs a bit of extra 'medicine' with the antibodies in my BM. Like MummaB I was really relieved that when he was at his worst and refused all food for about 2 days at least he would BF.

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    Ha! Chest cold here, too - very sucky delicate, is my boy. But even without illness, it's normal for him to have about 5 feeds or so a day, excluding nights. 24 months old and still a bird with solids, monster on booby!

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    Sweetpea- Yes! exhausting! Do you think you'll wean before next bub is born.

    Bath- I can understand your frustration with that early morning feed! You're probably spot on though, his little body probably feels like he does 'need' it and he's probably right. Hope he get's better soon..Big congrats on 2 years by the way!! FANTASTIC! What an inspiration.

    I'm struggling a bit here at the moment. I swear sometimes DD is attaching using her teeth these days..and along with sore pregnant nipples and tiredness- I'm buggered. We're pretty much still demand feeding and the number of feeds really changes from day to day. DD is still such a booby addict, looks like I'll be tandem feeding at this rate but we'll see.

    Mayaness..Big congrats to you to on getting to the 2 year mark! Another inspiration too. Hope the bugs clear up soon for you guys.

    Had a funny thing happen today hehe. I had a loose fitting top on (daggy around the house top) and was sitting on the floor folding nappies and DD was pushing for a feed. I was trying to ignore her for a sec while I was finishing. Then, literally in an instant she had manged to whip my top down, pull out my boob and latch on before I knew what was going on! Then she looked up at me all sweetly!
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    I wish i could say it gets easier Lee, but for me its gotten harder. FOr the past month or so DS has gone off food (is already very fussy) and only wants to bf - constantly. I think a lot of it is seeing if he can have it and comfort. He'll usually have 2 sucks and walk off. Its really frustrating and the constant re-attaching is painful - he too goes on with his teeth now.

    When it gets too much - for instance we just had an hour and a half of him on and off constantly, i just have to say 'boobs are sore now, we need a break'..... Barb once said gentle discipline starts at the breast and i've kept that in mind ever since. He's not happy about it but he seems to understand - distraction method is my friend at the moment.

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    HA HA HA, I'm already getting from EVERYONE, how it's time to wean Zyon, he feeds still 4-6 times a day...
    I let him decide when he's thirsty...

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    Wow you girls are fantastic! i am going to aspire to be like you guys! Feeding to 2yrs that's great! I only pray DS will feed for that long!

    Ds will have a quick snack whenever he can! like we bath together every night and if i dont keep him occupied he will mosey on up and hop on and giggle away! Or if we are out he will just grab at my top and nuzzle right in! Dh thinks its hilarious!

    I must admit it does get about tiring! But i love it!

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