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Thread: How am i going to cope?

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    Matryoshka Guest

    Default How am i going to cope?

    I am really wondering how i am going to cope with Night feeding 2 (toddler and newborn).

    DS1 still wakes 2-3 times in the night for a BF, luckily he is next to me so i just pull out the boobs, he feeds, we both doze back to sleep. I have tried offering him Oat milk instead which he drinks from a cup during the day, but once he wants a BF there is no other option for him. He actually becomes hysterical and its not because he isn't getting what he wants, i sense theres some anxiety there, so i am happy to provide for as long as he needs it.

    But how am i going to cope with DS2 night feeding as well??? who has done this?? will i get any sleep?

    I'm also trying to work out my co-sleeping situation. The only way it will work is if i'm in between DS1 and DS2 so i can just roll over to whoever wants it at the time. Which means DS2 will need to go in some kind of safe co-sleeping thing - can you suggest one? That doesn't leave any room for poor DH So my other thought was to bring in DS1 single bed and put it next to our bed, have DS1 on that , then me, DS2 and DH on the other side.

    has anyone been through this?? i'm getting a bit scared

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    Hey MummaB

    Just wanted to say that I think you are amazing! ...and I'm sure it will all work out somehow, hopefully someone who has BTDT has some great advice for you.

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    Ellibam Guest


    a friend of mine her daughter weaned because she said 'baby needs it! im ok' every time the toddler wanted a drink bubs would cry.

    also another friend(yes i have a few tandem feeding friends) she co sleeps with both her children so would just roll over to which ever one needed it.
    they had a queen size bed with a single next to it.

    im not sure if youll get any sleep! i feed only one and dont!

    good luck with it !

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