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thread: The Cost involved with IVF

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    Jan 2010

    gidding the

    thanks for that info

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    it's hard to get a precise answer to this as my FS said medicare won't even give them strait answers, apparently there are too many scenarios. but the lady at medicare said that if i came in with an item number from the FS they could tell me my out of pocket costs.

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    Dec 2008

    Hi all have just been through my first ivf and trying to work out exactly what my out of cost pocket is.

    Basic breakdown of my costs (city fertility centre melbourne)

    IVF fee $6400 - Medicare rebate $4420.90
    Doctors fee $1200 ( egg retrival, transfer and treatment plan)- Medicare rebate $385.50
    Anaesethist $360 - private health rebate $240
    hospital fee - unsure as I have private health cover with no gap
    synarel - $110 - I think I can claim some from private health but haven't done this yet

    Total cost minus rebates at this stage is $3023.60

    I honestly thought I would get more back from Medicare for the doctors fees because I have hit the safety net. I am not sure if I can claim this part from private health as well. Does anyone know if you can?

    I really like my FS and the clinic but I have a friend going through monash ivf and her ivf fee from what I can tell is inclusive of doctors fees and egg retrival. I am glad we
    get something back which is better than nothing it's just amazing at the pricing disparity between different clinics.

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    Hi missymoohoo - take your doctors bill into your private health care provider and you will get more back from them. The egg retrieval and transfer are inpatient procedures and hence covered by your insurance. Hope this helps!

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    Miss K - I pay $7200 for my IVF/ICSI cycles (all inclusive) and i received back over $5300 from medicare only last month, so i'm not sure who told you about the max you will get back from medicare but that wasn't the case for me.

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    We received our 6 monthly Storage fee yesterday (QFG) it has gone from $150 per 6 months, up to $225/6 months.
    Thought I would update in case anyone is lurking and reading.

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    Oct 2008

    Cost of IUI and IVF

    I had my IUI done at Fertility Specialist South (FSS) Perth last year:

    1st cycle with Clomid $215
    2nd cycle with Clomid $215
    3rd cycle with Clomid $215

    1st IUI $1000 out-of-pocket costs
    Item no. Fee Refund
    13209 Management...referred patient by specialist $ 220 $67.20
    13221 Preparation of semen-assisted reproductive $ 135 $41.00
    13203 Ovulation monitoring service $1190 $393.70
    $1545 $501.90
    subsequet IUI $224 out-of-pocket costs
    (*Medicare Safety Net threshold reached)
    Item no.
    13209 Management...referred patient by specialist $ 220 $174.05
    13221 Preparation of semen-assisted reproductive $ 135 $116.20
    13203 Ovulation monitoring services $1190 $1030.75
    $1545 $1321

    My first IVF this year was with Concept, Perth:

    I have just changed fertility clinics, as IVF appeared cheaper at Concept Fertility. However. Like most medical things, there isn't a*clear-cut and easy comparison, as there is no "standard IVF".

    As I soon discovered, there are different protocols and drugs for IVF - short, long, down, flare ... and a "basic IVF"*= eggs + sperm. But they don't tell you about blastocyst culture, assisted hatching, which I guess are fairly common these days, but are not part and parcel of your "basic IVF" cost. They are optional, just as freezing surplus embryos, but you might as well do it if you believe in technology and want to have the best chance of success.

    What else isn't included?

    > semen preparation
    - How the hell does one do IVF without semen preparation???

    > certain medications* (eg. Lucrin and Synarel)
    - Again, how does one do IVF without certain drugs to help regulate your hormones???

    >*assisted hatching ($400)

    >*embryo freezing ($500)

    >*blastocyst culture ($750)

    The cost for IVF must also take into account egg retrieval and egg transfer fees, which are done as an inpatient (ie hospital cover), and require your fertility specialist and an anaesthetist. Depending on your level of private health insurance cover, you may incur some out-of-pocket (gap) costs.

    A very quick comparison of "basic IVF" cost in Australia seems to be in the range of $5500 - $7500 upwards. You can search for Medicare*item numbers to get an idea of what your out-of-pocket costs will be.

    Regarding our 1st IVF cost from Concept Fertility in Perth: their "basic IVF" cost is $5750, but we had blastocyst culture ($750) and embryo freezing ($500) included, both of which are NOT covered by Medicare.

    Our out-of-pocket (gap) expenses totalled $3795

    inpatient hospital, 2 stays - $500 private health insurance excess

    From Dr.G
    Item no. Fee Medicare / Safety net Private health refund
    13209*Management...referred patient by specialist $ 85 $68 $0
    13212* Oocyte retrieval for ..assisted reproduction $430 $251.25 $83.75
    13215* Transfer of embryos ....... $130 $78.75 $26.25
    Total....... $645 $398 $110

    From anaesthetist
    Item no. Fee Medicare / Safety net Private health refund

    17601* Pre-anaesthesia consulation $ 76 $30.45 $10.15
    20943* Anaesthesia transvaginal assisted reproductive $180 $56.10 $18.70
    23031* Anaesthesia time - 31-35 minutes $135 $42.10 $14.00
    Total....... $391 $128.65 $42.85


    From fertility clinic
    Item no Fee Medicare refund / Safety net Private health refund
    13200*Assisted reproductive services* $7000 $2870.90 / $1550 $0
    -******** Semen preparation* $80 $0 $0
    -*********Lucrin medication* $265 $0 $0
    Total....... $7345 $4420.90 $0

    Private health insurance only covers in-hospital stuff
    In-Hospital stuff is not covered by the Medicare Safety net benefit

    Tip: Keep all your receipts and make copies before sending to Medicare. Do not claim anything back until you have received and paid for your first IVF/ART service. That way, you are considered over the Medicare Safety Net threshhold, and will receive more back for every medical expense, even if not related to IVF.

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    Jun 2010
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    Thought I would add some more current information to this thread.

    I have just reconciled my costs for my first IVF cycle at MIVF.

    Without a breakdown here's what it cost (including day patient fees as opu and anaesthetic) - $8375
    Here's what I got back from Medicare - $4801

    Total out of pocket cost (financial, not emotional!!) - $4574

    Please note, I did not have a transfer so the cost was marginally less than it would otherwise be....Also, I do not have private health insurance but I am aware it doesnt make much of a difference...someone correct me if I am wrong!

    It was my first cycle so I didnt hit the Medicare threshold immediately.

    Hope this helps anyone wondering about the costs of IVF

    PS - does not take into account the FS appointments before starting the cycle, the six rounds of clomid and DPs tests (SA)

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    Oct 2009

    I found private health was only useful for the opu day as all 'hospital bed' fees were covered.

    My total bill was just under $5000 after all of my refunds, but the included PGD... I think I probably saved a couple of thousand off my egg pick up by having private health.

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    Hey Ladies,

    Just thought I would post in here about the Extended Medicare Safety Net... after much research I came across the following Medicare webpage which actually lists the EMSN maximum pay outs for each IVF and OB Item Number. It is very useful if you are able to obtain item numbers from your clinic for your particular cycle to work out exactly what your out of pocket expenses are going to be. These figures (EMSN) will become relevant once you have reached the Medicare Safety Net out of pocket expenses for the year which is $1157.50:


    Hope this info is able to help!

    Mods, apologies if I am unable to post the above web link.... please let me know and I will remove if not allowed. If this is the case then I am happy to PM the link to anyone who would like it .

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    Hi, does anyone have updated pricing? We are about to go through our first IVF cycle and have just been told the costs have all increased by about 10%. yikes!

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    Jun 2010
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    i will have to look it up but i know MIVF has had three price increases since my above post.

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    miloro: yep i found that out the other day, you are probably going through the same ivf clinic as me, the price for ivf has gone up from $7395 to $7765, if you need ICSI that has gone from $695 to $730 and if you are doing pgd too that is now $3495 (from $2995) so for us it has gone up $900, that was an unpleasant surprise !

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    Yowser! They don't make this an easy process do they? But at least we have some Medicare rebates, better than some countries.

    Minniemouse, are you going to IVF Australia at gosford? I'm seeing dr Quinn (I can't help adding medicine woman in my head )

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    I'm going through concept when we move move back to Perth (Im 5 hours away in the country) I havent been for my treatment plan with the FS yet. I am going to have a laparoscopy before I start IVF to clear up some cysts and also possibly remove my right fallopain tube (its blocked) I know this is more about the cost for IVF but I was curious has anyone had day surgery there and remember the cost?? I dont have private insurance!

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