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Thread: Step By Step ICSI.... What Is It?

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    Default Step By Step ICSI.... What Is It?

    Hi There

    I am starting ICSI very soon, well the process first. Am about to get my periods end September and call the nurse so I can start the injections and then....

    Well thats where I stumble! So how long do you do injections for? 28 days?
    When do they do blood tests? During the month of injections?
    How do they determine when you have ovulated?
    When do they do the transfer, the month after?
    I have an event in October, so I kind of need to determine when this will all happen.
    NB I think I will be on a natural cycle, no medications as I suffer from migraines.

    I have so many questions that I am unable to call the IVF staff as I work in a very very quiet office and am afraid they will hear me.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi zoimeister, i will try help the best i can-
    You normally start injections on day 21 of your cycle (depending which cycle your FD is putting you on), then you start the 2nd injections when you get your next A/F and then egg collection is around 13 days after 2nd injection then transfer will be 5 days after collection (if its a 5 day blastie embie) so all up your on injections for around 23 days before egg collection. During my STIM cycle i had about 3 BT's and 2 ultrasounds. On a stim cycle they don't need to know when you have ovulated you just ring in on the day you get A/F and then they will organise everything from there, the BT's will determine when your body is ready for the next injection, egg collection etc. The injections supress all normal ovulation and then the 2nd injection is what produces all the eggs in one month for egg collection and the last injection is taken 2 days before egg collection and this one is what realeses all the eggs ready for collection. I hope this has helped and isn't too confusing, it really is an easy process once you start xx

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