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thread: Large Families - July/August 2005

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    Its ok,any advice is welcome,but we have been through counselling before and he just went and did the same thing all over again....
    I decided i wanted to work things out this time,and so did he up until he said he didnt know what he wanted...he was just living here without us being officially together (considering we arent married) and it was getting to me,so i said to him that he should either commit or move out,that he cant have his cake and eat it too...
    Sooo,the suggestion was a good one,but i just cant see that it is going to work anyway,we are just too unhappy and there is so much more than i can share in this forum....
    he is moving out this friday anyway,and i can say i will miss him in someways but not in others....
    Anyway,thanks for caring!!
    yoou have a great day too!!

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    Big hugs to you girl, it is a brave step that you are taking, I don't know if I could be as strong.

    Thinking of you

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    Locking this thread now girls, new one is HERE

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